After Rush ...

Much has been written and said in recent days — some of it on this page — about Rush Limbaugh. Reflecting the sharp divisions in politics today, Rush’s legacy elicits a variety of opinions, doubtlessly colored by how that person describes his or her politics. Putting that aside, one thing is clear: Rush Limbaugh was a giant in American political commentary for some three decades.

His passing doesn’t really change the debate or what is at stake. His rise was in part due to the fact that no national figure back then was really doing much to push across the conservative side of things on talk radio. He did this well by giving conservatives a listening option in the marketplace of ideas, not unlike other situations in a free country where people make choices about the services and goods they consume.

Rush did not create the tenants of conservatism, rather he articulated them better than anyone, and will be a tough act to follow.

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