Work is continuing on Defiance’s Davidson Street project as the city’s paving program for this year is being completed.

The street — which runs from South Clinton Street to Holgate Avenue — is scheduled to be repaved next week, according to city engineering technician Dave Pracht. This is part of an ongoing project by Ward Construction, Leipsic, that has a contract cost of $393,515.60.

The top 1 1/2 inches of Davidson’s asphalt was removed, and will be replaced with the same thickness, according to Pracht.

Included in the Davidson Street project are repairs at the intersection of South Clinton Street. There, the intersection’s historic brick — installed perhaps 80-100 years by Pracht’s estimate — was framed with a concrete strip and new asphalt.

“We put in a concrete transition strip, so there’s kind of a smooth transition to the brick,” he said.

The 90-foot section of brick — the only such street surface in Defiance — will be kept intact, he explained. “Quite a few” downtown streets also have brick under them, according to Pracht.

After being closed this week, the Davidson/Clinton intersection was reopened later Friday.

The street was last paved in 1992, according to Pracht, and was in poor shape in many areas and has been continually patched up.

“The surface was raveled and potholed, so they had done a lot of durapatching on it,” said Prachter in reference to a machine used to fill potholes. “It was at a point where it was pretty rough.”

Paving on Cleveland Avenue, Greenler Road and Koerber Drive has been completed as part of the annual resurfacing project, Pracht noted early Friday afternoon, although Cleveland still needed new pavement markings.

Next week, the east approach to the Hopkins Street bridge — potholed and in poor shape — will be repaved, according to Pracht.

The city will be examining its 2020 resurfacing plans during the upcoming budgetary process.

Pracht is hopeful additional funds expected to come in from the state’s gas tax increase — which went into effect on July 1 — can be applied toward more street work.

One street on next year’s tentative list is Carpenter Road, between the railroad tracks and River Drive.

Paving work last occurred there in 1999 and 2001, according to Pracht, but the street is starting to come apart.

“It has so much traffic,” he said.

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