The winners of the recent Historic Homes of Defiance picture contest have been announced.

The winners of the contest were Jeremy Roehrig, Terry and Marlene Cripe, Jeanie Lewis, Annette Tressler, Julie Frederick and Marlene Lantow. The names were drawn from all of the correct entries by Defiance Mayor Mike McCann at the Historic Homes of Defiance 20th anniversary party on Sept. 19.

The winners will pick up their certificates at AuGlaize Village’s Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend.

The answers to the picture contest showing the alleys behind/or near these businesses are as follows: 1. behind Bud’s Restaurant; 2. Abode alley; 3. canal wall behind Kissner’s Restaurant; 4. R Bike Shop; 5. 308 Clinton St.; 6. Rettig Music; 7. Linda’s Glass Gallery; 8. Bowles Karate Academy; 9. Rogliatti’s; 10. Rettig Music rear; 11. In the flesh Tattoo; 12. Kings Cross/Indigo; 13. Cabin Fever; 14. Defiance Driver’s Education; 15. alley behind VR Lounge; 16. alley behind Rohrs McMillen Insurance; 17. Cabin Fever; 18. DR computers; 19. Downtown Roots; 20. Cabin Fever alley; and 21. Bowles Karate Academy.

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