WAUSEON — Bike trails and budget items topped the agenda at Monday evening’s city council meeting here.

Council member Steve Schneider provided information for the finance committee meeting, recommending approval of EMS contracts. These contracts include a Primary Coverage Area and a Central Station Operations contract.

A second motion was made to convert about 430 part-time hours to full-time hours to fulfill staffing needs for the EMS, increasing general fire wages fund by $9,500 and the general fire benefits fund by $15,000.

Kevin Chittendon, police chief, proposed switching to a new records and dispatch software for the city. Discussion about the benefits of a new system led to discussion about costs. The switch would mean an increase of $25,000 to the general police supplies fund.

Additionally, the capital EMS fund needs a boost of about $60,000 for ambulance costs and a power cot system. All of the finance recommendations were accepted.

Two ordinances received first readings for annexation of the bike trails owned by the city. The first ordinance would annex into the city the bike trail that runs through Clinton and German townships.

The second ordinance annexes the bike trail that is also owned by the city but runs through York Township.

According to Brooke Baumgartner, Clerk of Council for the city, “There is no change necessarily to the community. These trails have always been open, but parts of the bike trail were not within city limits.”

Since the city already was maintaining the trails, passage of the ordinances is a formality. “These ordinances...annex those parts of the bike trail into the City of Wauseon,” added Baumgartner.

There was no legislature for second or third readings.

In new business, Mayor Kathy Huner offered condolences to the families of Toby Shehorn, Karen Vollmer and Curt Cooley who recently passed away; thanked the community for the work in making the Fulton County Fair a success; and finally, shared that department heads will be present at the first council meeting of each month.

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