WAUSEON — City council welcomed a new clerk of council and also heard reports from the Wauseon Beautification Team (WBT) on a new project involving the city and Haas Door during its meeting on Monday.

The meeting opened with new clerk Brooke Baumgartner taking the oath of office.

That was followed by Vic Cales giving an update to council on the WBT.

“We’ve gone from six members at the beginning of the year to 160 now, including— what I’m very excited about — 120 high school kids,” said Cales. “We can help what’s going on in congruence with the city.”

During the buildings and grounds committee report, council member Harold Stickley brought to council an issue with Haas Door about the company placing sidewalks on city property.

“They are building a new parking lot,” explained Stickley. “They are going to have people crossing (the street) and they would like to put two crosswalks across. They would also like to pour sidewalks on city property. Haas Door will do this at their expense.”

The other involves the hiring of a part-time contracted zoning/maintenance code inspector at $25 an hour for six to eight hours a week.

“He will do zoning inspections for residential areas,” Stickley said of Daniel Dunlap, who is approved for the job. “It’s for any zoning problem in a residential area, mowing grass to buildings being repaired. Anything that has to do with zoning codes and ordinances.”

Council questioned if six to eights a week would be enough.

“In the beginning, probably not,” answered Wauseon public works director Keith Torbet. “Normally, I would say that would be enough for handling your basic complaints and then do doing some proactive searching as well so we’re not going strictly off complaints.”

Council approved both recommendations from the committee.

Council also:

• approved a third reading of a resolution joining the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce in strongly urging the U.S. Postal Service to consider returning mail processing operations to its sorting facility in Toledo.

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