WAUSEON — Law director Tom McWatters needed to make a quick clarification on an emergency reading on a resolution involving the city to authorize the mayor to look into the creation of a joint fire and rescue district during Monday’s Wauseon City Council meeting.

With Council President Shane Chamberlain abstaining from voting, and Councilman Jeff Stiriz not attending, the passing of the resolution from emergency reading could not happen because it did not receive the required three-quarters approval of council.

“I believe we need a majority of three-quarters of members of council in order to pass something by emergency reading,” McWatters said after the vote. “With the abstention, I don’t think we have enough to pass it under an emergency. However, I believe the (city) charter provides that if there aren’t enough votes for an emergency (passing), it can still be passed under the motion to pass under a first reading.”

McWatters suggested the reading count as a first reading, and the motion will continue on to the next council meeting, set for Nov. 2.

“I would suggest the first vote is probably not sufficient to have it placed under final reading,” he added. “Clarifying that, I guess it wouldn’t pass. What I would suggest is the first vote is not sufficient to have it placed under a final reading. But, the reading can be construed as a final reading. Essentially, it would pass on the first reading, because it was the majority of council. Long story short, the resolution will proceed along at the next meeting of council.”

During the department head reports, Police Chief Kevin Chittenden reminded everyone that drug takeback day was set for Saturday, Oct. 24. Walmart will have a setup from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. There is also a 24/7 bin available in the police office lobby.

Public service director Keith Torbet told council the city plans on doing one sweep of brush pickup and will switch to leaf pickup beginning on Nov. 1.

Finance director Jamie Giguere told council the city did receive coronavirus relief funds in the amount of $267,000.

Council also heard a report from Patrick Griggs on the latest tree commission meeting. The Tree City USA 2021 banquet is scheduled for Wauseon and Griggs gave an update. He also reported the Oklahoma tree planted in memory of the Oklahoma City bombing will be moved to Wauseon Middle School.

In other business:

• council approved the first reading of a resolution to approve a letter of intent between the city, the Ohio Municipal League Service Corporation and OML Energy Solutions for potential purchase of solar energy and related electric consulting agreement.

• approved the third reading of a resolution on Rotary Park pond. Fishing is permitted on a catch-and-release basis and boats are prohibited, as is the drinking of water or taking of water in bulk from the pond.

• approved the third reading to change the ordinance to change the taxes to city residents working outside the city limits to 1% instead of the current 1.5 %.

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