Students at Oakwood Elementary School, Paulding Elementary School and Paulding Middle/High School were recently treated to a free Thanksgiving feast for lunch. More than 1,000 meals combined were prepared by Oakwood Elementary head cook, Karin Weible; Paulding Elementary head cook, Danette Beck; and Paulding Middle/High School head cook, Linda Wellman for the holiday event. The menu for the feast included roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, bread, sliced apples and milk. Here, Bayne Kauser (left) and Joseph Griffith of Paulding Elementary School smile after going through the cafeteria line to get their free Thanksgiving feast, while Dylan Weible of Oakwood Elementary School gets a hug from head cook, Karin Weible, after being served a his Thanksgiving feast recently at the school.

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