SHERWOOD — During its meeting on Monday, the Sherwood Village Council handled several pieces of business, including continuing discussions about police protection throughout the village.

During the meeting, Dan Crites of the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office gave a report of activity within the village. Crites reported that there were 165 contacts so far in the village, with five of those being traffic stops.

Crites also reported that there had been “no major burglaries” reported.

Village officials questioned the cost and possibility of contracting with the county to return a police department to the village for at least 40 hours a week. Crites told officials he would discuss the issue with Sheriff Doug Engel and come back to continue the dialogue with village officials.

In other business, council:

• approved an ordinance enacting the Ohio legal publishing code, 2021 edition.

• okayed an ordinance amending appropriations for 2021. The appropriations change is due to insurance funds received in the amount of approximately $26,000.

• held a second reading on a resolution for the schedule of water service fees for the village.

• discussed a recent complaint about snowmobiles in the village at night. Officials also discussed cars getting tow tags because they are parked in the way of snow removal. Discussions also were held on parking on village property during snow events and the possibility of an ordinance about cars not parking on village property for extended period of time.

• talked about sending a letter to village landlords in an effort to not have tenants park on the streets.

• discussed golf carts being operated within village limits. Crites noted that as long as the carts are legally registered with a license plate, they can be used. Crites also noted that each cart must be properly inspected.

• heard the village administrator is going to get another quote to replace windows and paint the second story at the library. The administrator also presented a quote for the garage door for the maintenance building.

• discussed water usage within the village. Officials noted that since the installation of water meters, water usage has dramatically dropped. Numbers show that in 2018 water usage was at 74,056 gallons and during that same time period in 2020, usage was at 45,453 gallons.

• learned that the toilet leak has been fixed at the library. Officials agreed to adjust the water bill accordingly.

• discussed animal permit applications and whether to permit rabbits. Officials noted that a permit would be needed for rabbits. Officials also noted that it was not approved to spread manure on the yards as fertilizer. They added that several animal permit forms have been mailed out to residents, who must reply by March 1.

• discussed issues with Ballpark Drive. Village officials noted that the village does have an easement to allow residents access to the the archery area/range and that village residents do have the right to use the easement for access to this area.

• formed a committee to look into alleyways throughout the village. The committee will look at different sections of the village and make their recommendations on which alleys, if any, to vacate.

• noted that paperwork for the Defiance County commissioners’ demolition grant needs to be in by March 20.

• approved financial reports and meeting minutes.

• approved an EMS application, pending fire chief approval.

• received an update on the new fire/EMS building. Learned that rooms in the building have been laid out and that drywall came in. Crews haven’t started electric work yet, but they are making progress on the building.

• read a proclamation by the mayor honoring Four County Career Center.

• discussed plowing on side streets for businesses.

• commended village employees and their recent efforts on snow removal.

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