Logan Schroeder, 12, of Defiance, and his family just returned home from the 2019 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference held in Lebanon, Tenn. Schroeder exhibited the National Grand Champion purebred shorthorn market steer. A total of 420 exhibitors and 661 head of cattle from 29 states and two additional countries competed in the event.

This is Schroeder’s fourth Junior National show that he and his family have attended. Youth have an opportunity to enter several contests including art and crafts, refurbished project, photography, poster, speech, salesmanship, herdsman ship quiz, quiz bowl, a cooking contest, showmanship, judging and a fitting contest.

Schroeder competed in 10 of the contests. His fitting team placed second.

Schroeder purchased his purebred market steer from Davis Family Farms in Portland, Ind., last spring. They have attended around 20 shows and have been very competitive.

“This has been a really fun year for me,” said Schroeder. “ I have worked hard to get where we are at.”

Schroeder and his 1,300-pound steer, Hoosier, will be preparing for the Ohio State Fair in August.

“My brother and I have been working really hard this summer. We are working five head of cattle for the State Fair and six to the Defiance County Fair along with our sheep and goat,” he said. “It keeps us really busy. We are usually up late rinsing with the radio up in the barns. We rinse the cattle a lot to keep them cool and looking nice. It is awesome to see the hard work pay off but we really love what we do.

“We have a lot of help with the cattle. We say it takes an army to make it through the show season,” Schroeder continued. “ Ashley Peter, one of my biggest role model from Hicksville was able to make the trip out to Lebanon to help fit Hoosier for the show. I have always looked up to her. She taught me a lot about showing livestock. So it was pretty awesome that she was there helping me. It made it more of a hometown win.”

The 2020 Junior Nationals Shorthorn Show and youth Conference will be held in Abilene, Texas. When asked if Schroeder had any advice for young showman he said, “Practice like you’ve never won and Perform like you’ve never lost.”

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