A sewer backup at a Defiance mobile home park has been remedied, but some final environmental abatement may be needed.

Electricity to a sewer lift station at Northtowne Estates — located due north of Northtowne Mall on North Clinton Street — recently failed and caused the backup, according to local officials.

The Defiance County Health Department subsequently received an odor complaint and found untreated sewage in the park, noted Health Commissioner Jamie Gerken. Testing also revealed high levels of e coli, she indicated.

Officials discovered that power had been shut off to the aforementioned lift station, causing the backup, Mayor Mike McCann explained. However, no residents were without power during the lift station issue, which may have been ongoing for “weeks,” according to McCann.

The power company then turned the electricity back on, which remedied the problem, officials reported. However, environmental abatement may still be needed.

Gerken said an environmental firm will determine what remediation is necessary for a grassy behind the park. This has been cordoned off as the ground may be contaminated with sewage.

“We will rely on that environmental company to see what what they recommend as far as cleaning it up,” said Gerken.

More than two years ago, a more serious sewage issue also cropped up at the park.

Raw sewage seeped up through manholes and affected the same grassy area. But it required a much more serious fix as the park’s collection system pumps had failed.

The owners were required to fix the problem, and did so.

“They put in new pumps,” recalled McCann. “They did everything we asked them to do short-term.”

“They did abate that nuisance completely,” added Gerken.

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