PAULDING — At the top of the agenda for Monday’s Paulding Village Council meeting were a couple of emergency legislation items — one for downtown revitalization, and the other for entering into a new utility software contract.

The two emergency items, Resolution 1373-21, a contract with Muni-Link, and Ordinance 1619-21, focused on downtown revitalization and utility software upgrades, would mean appropriation of some monies not planned in the budget.

Tech support from the current software provider, Civica, CMI, is not readily available and it’s not user-friendly. Additionally, Civica, CMI does not provide easy to understand or accurate reports.

Muni-Link, on the other hand, does provide the accuracy and ease of understanding needed for administration and consumers. It has chat tech help available anytime, and is cloud-based, so a village server is not needed. As well, remote work is easier with Muni-Link. Hicksville has the same system and is very supportive of the move for Paulding, and willing to help with questions.

Recognizing the need to maintain up-to-date and accurate utility billing, the council voted unanimously to approve Resolution 1373-21.

Over the past few months, the council has discussed incentives to revitalize downtown Paulding. Ordinance 1619-21, establishes boundaries for the Paulding Community Reinvestment Area No. 6 in the Village. It designates a housing officer to administer the program, creates a community reinvestment housing council and a tax abatement incentive review board. Council voted to declare an emergency in order to abate taxes for improvement — approved. Ordinance 1619-21 was voted on and adopted.

Council also heard second readings of a couple of ordinances. Ordinance 1616-21 establishes chapter 90.15 of Codified Ordinances in the Village of Paulding and establishes a vacant building enforcement program.

Over the past few months, community and council concerns about revitalization of downtown have included such a program of maintaining abandoned or vacant buildings. This ordinance would help regulate fees, fines and rules concerning such maintenance.

Under a second ordinance, No. 1618-21, intended last meeting as an emergency legislation, this ordinance would amend and increase appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the Village of Paulding during the year ending Dec. 31, 2021. The emergency legislation was approved this meeting, and Ordinance 1618-21 adopted.

Finally, Ordinance Ordinance 1617-21, which would repeal and replace Ordinance No. 1425-11, pertaining to duties of owners and occupants of land to dispose of noxious weeds and litter had its third and final reading. The new ordinance was adopted.

Paulding County parks director, Aaron Timm presented to council the idea of a small park on ground owned by the village and county.

Approximately 15 acres from the county have been approved by the commissioners for this improvement. Needed from the village council was approval for a parking area large enough for about five or six cars. The area is tentatively called “Flatrock Park”.

Improvements to the area would include the small parking lot, improving the existing trail and making a campsite (with potential of up to eight campsites total along the trail). In order to get more detailed drawings and more information, council decided to table any approval until the next meeting.

Finance director, Zoe McMaster, reported that income tax is about $45,000 ahead of last year. She also added that the State of Ohio informed that all Paulding County liquor licenses are due by July 1, 2021. Council noted that there should be no changes from last year. As per the budget requirements, the finance director also asked approval to move $10,000 from the general fund to parks fund. Finally, she asked for volunteers to help in the process of switching utility software programs.

The Council also:

• heard a report of the permit for street closures (May 20, 4 p.m.-May 22, noon) on N. Main Street from Caroline Street to Perry Street, and Jackson Street from Water Street to Williams Street. This is for the event, “Brews, Tunes and BBQ” sponsored by Friends of the Paulding Chamber and Community Revitalizing Paulding (CoRP). The event will take place May 21.

• heard and approved a committee report from the ordinance committee, April 28. The committee met in order to discuss vacant buildings and to look over Ordinance 1616-21; as well as creating an ordinance for housing officer and a housing review council.

• City Administrator, Jason Vance, reported that the skateboard park is tentatively scheduled for opening this weekend and that May 17 should be the breaking of ground for the sanitary sewer replacement program. He also reminded residents that bulk trash pick up can be placed on the curb 24 hours before pick up, no sooner.

• heard of a vacancy on the police department with the resignation of Tim Ridgeway. Recommended to hire on a part time basis Devon Sanchez who is attending school and has all certifications.

• scheduled committee meetings: park board’s recreation committee Wednesday at 4:15 p.m.; salary and allowance Ccommittee meeting Monday, 5 p.m.; safety and utility meeting, Monday, 5:30 p.m.; park and recreation meeting May 12, 4:30 p.m.; ordinance at 5:30 p.m., May 12.

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