PAULDING — Shoppers who make purchases in Paulding County during the final three months of 2021 will receive a sales tax break.

That’s because Paulding County commissioners recently decided to forgo assessment of one third of the county’s 1.5% sales tax during October, November and December. With the state sales tax (5.75%) added in, this will leave Paulding County’s sales tax at 6.75% during those three months, one half of one percent below the regular amount (7.25%).

However, the county’s tax will be restored for a five-year period beginning Jan. 1 to 1.5%, putting the county again at 7.25% beginning next year.

The temporary 6.75% rate is designed to give county residents a break during a time frame that will include the annual holiday shopping season later this year.

“We’re just trying to keep people spending money locally,” said Paulding County Commissioner Clint Vance. “Our hope is ... we won’t really experience any decrease (in sale tax receipts) in the long run. We’re hoping if people stay local we wouldn’t really take a hit or notice it. It’s less of a burden for our constituents. I think in the end it will be a win for everybody.”

Paulding County Economic Development (PCED) Director Tim Copsey likes the idea.

“This is outstanding news out of the Paulding County commissioners office,” he stated. “We hope this entices some additional sales within the county throughout the fourth quarter. Every sale we keep within the county allows those dollars to be spent in the county again. The PCED office certainly commends the commissioners in this decision and hope many of the residents take advantage of this economic growth opportunity.”

A portion of Paulding County’s sales tax (0.5%) is up for renewal every five years. The present five-year period expires on Sept. 30, so commissioners decided not to renew this until Jan. 1.

For the October-December period, the decision will leave Paulding County tied with Defiance County for the lowest sales tax amount in the six-county area.

Fulton, Henry and Williams counties all have a 7.25% rate while Putnam County’s rate is 7%.

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