Paulding County

Marriage licenses

Kenneth Tenwalde, 65, Defiance, retired, and Donna Narvasa, 28, Defiance.

Kyle Recker, 23, Antwerp, safety professional/EMT, and Rose Uhlenhake, 23, Antwerp, florist.

Tyler Burgei, 25, Oakwood, machinist, and Abbey Turnwald, 24, Oakwood, sales manager.

Common Pleas

On the docket

Olivia Woods-Hooper, Paulding, vs. Natalie Kuhn, Paulding. Monetary judgment.

Chemical Bank, Midland, Mich., vs. Wanda Ziegler and any unknown spouse and Paulding County commissioners, Paulding. Foreclosure.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Virginia Beach, Va., vs. Gary Keller, Oakwood; and Brandi Keller, Fort Wayne. Foreclosure.

M&T Bank, Buffalo, N.Y., vs. James Sliwinski, Defiance; Stacie Sliwinski, Fort Wayne; and Paulding County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Gary and Carol Sutton, Van Wert, vs. Cincinnati Insurance Co., Fairfield; Sam's Trucking LLC, and Samih Musaitif, Milwaukee; and Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. Personal injury.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. Daniel Ryan, Paulding. Monetary judgment.

Journal entries

Dylan Keysor, Haviland, and Ruth Keysor, Paulding. Marriage dissolved.

Linda Hankinson, Paulding, and Charles Hankinson, Paulding. Marriage dissolved.

Randal Bidlack, Defiance, vs. Edward, Sue, Donald and Joyce Bidlack, Continental; Shelby Husted and any unknown spouse, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Tonja and Travis Bidlack, Oakwood; Gary and Brenda Bidlack, Acme, Pa.; Katherine and Kevin Kosier, Whitehouse; and Cassandra Deming, Defiance. Legal ownership of title to Randal Bidlack and quieted against any and all claims of defendants and their heirs.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

Brittany Grunden to Gregory and Linda Brandt, Sec. 19, Auglaize Hills Dev. 2, lot 78.

Benton Township —

Donnie Schmidt to Donnie Schmidt, life estate, Sec. 28, 66.55 acres.

Gregory and Diane Wargolet to Royce Ronquille II, Sec. 19, 3.279 acres.

Brown Township —

Randall Bidlack to Randal Bidlack, Sec. 1, 1.522 acres.

Carryall Township —

Jack and Maudred Orthman to Maudred Orthman, Sec. 26, 0.39 acre.

Crane Township —

Scott Slight to Gregory Billman, Sec. 19, 0.826 acre.

Latty Township —

Janet and Todd Sinn to Janet and Todd Sinn, Sec. 26, 119.365 acres.

Shirley Finnegan to Diana Finnegan, et al, Sec. 4, 79.297 acres.

Paulding Village —

Jack and Maudred Orthman to Maudred Orthman, Schultz Add., 100 foot strip of lot 51, lots 52-53.

Timothy and Kelley Coleman to Emily Leatherman, Noneman Sub., lots 23-24.

Thomas Porter to Mandy and Christopher Bryant, Homeside Allot., lots 8-10.

Payne Village —

Donnie Schmidt to Donnie Schmidt, life estate, Gibson First Add., lot 80.

Carol Brady to Carol Brady, trustee, block G outlots, lot 1.

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