Paulding County

Common Pleas

On the docket

Daniel White, Paulding, vs. Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation, Columbus; Birdstone, Inc., Paulding. Worker's Compensation.

Village of Cecil vs. Ray Kupersmith Jr., Cecil; Mary Kupersmith, Cecil. Money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, vs. Amy Schrunk, Paulding. Money judgment.

Paulding County treasurer vs. Stanley Mansfield, Payne; unknown spouse; Synchrony Bank, Draper, Utah. Foreclosure.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, unknown address, vs. Casey Helms, Payne; Kasey Helms, Payne. Foreclosure.

Jessica White, Payne, and Shelby Williams, Payne. Dissolution of marriage.

Shaun Collins, Payne, vs. Benjamin Collins, Payne. Divorce.

Julie Ousley, Paulding, vs. Jeffrey Ousley, Sherwood. Divorce.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

Garbani Farms, LLC, to Martin Grimes and Michelle Grimes, Sec. 21, 28.239 acres.

Andrew Yocklin to Pleasant View Missionary Baptist Church Inc., Sec. 25, lots 29-30, part lot vacated Water Street, part lot vacated alley.

Benton Township —

Duane Higdon to Shelby Bauman and Matthew Merriman, Sec. 5, 1.5 acres.

Payne Village —

Connie Crawford and William Develvis to Devford Properties, LLC, lot 5, WS Block G outlots; lot 11, Birkhold Add.; part lot 24, Block D; lot 1, Emigh Add.; lot 32, north O.P.; lot 32, south OP.

Bree Berner, trustee, and Elizabeth Hambrock, trustee, to Brian Rittenhouse Jr., and Rachel Rittenhouse, lot 161, WPT MPT Gibson’s Second Add.

Blue Creek Township —

Krista Gonzales, et al, to Jennifer Born and Charles Born, Sec. 24, lot 5, 150x150, Pratt Parcels.

Carryall Township — 

Parcel re-platted to Keith Derck and Beth Derck, Sec. 14, 38.499 acres.

Antwerp Village —

D&L Properties to Michael Smith, lot 15, 60 feet NE Block F

Robert Harrman to McDougall Properties, LLC, lots 123-124 O.P.

Emerald Township —

Robert Noneman, trustee, and Gretchen Noneman, trustee, to Riley Hart and Kara Hart, Sec. 31, 1.298 acres.

Latty Township —

Roger McClure and Rosalie McClure to Roger McClure and Rosalie McClure, Sec. 24, 40.335 acres; Sec. 25, 19.242 acres; Sec. 26. 13.5 acres.

Paulding Township —

Pamela Frederick, et al, to Pamela Frederick, et al, Sec. 13, 1.153 acres.

PL Holding Company, LTD, to Steven Graber, Sec. 29, 9 acres.

Paulding Village —

Chantilly Acquisition, LLC, to Jay Dangler, lot 13, Olds and Prentice Add.

Ruth Gerber, trustee, to Jack Baughman and Valerie Baughman, part lots 12-13, Schultz Add.

Pamela Frederick, et al, to Pamela Frederick, et al, part lots 12-13, outlots.

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