Paulding County

Marriage licenses

Jared Cline, 23, Hicksville, Johns Mansville, and Jamie Hablawetz, 24, Hicksville, Dollar General.

Kory Schlatter, 22, Van Wert, beekeeper, and Autumn Nuest, 19, Payne, server.

Common Pleas

On the docket

Katie Hurd, Haviland, vs. Shawn Hurd, Haviland. Divorce.

Journal entries

Rachel Buell, Cecil, vs. Kurt Gremling, Butler, Ind. Motion for contempt and motion to show cause dismissed without prejudice.

Christine Gearig, Wauseon, and Steven Jackson, Mark Center. Marriage dissolved.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. William Coleman, Oakwood. Plaintiff granted $3,922.44 default judgment.

Credit Acceptance Corp., Southfield, Mich., vs. Danielle Nash, Hicksville. Complaint dismissed without prejudice.

In the matter of Bethlehem Temple of Paulding, Paulding. Petition filed by Scott Cramer is moot and his petition for sale is dismissed.

Ryan and Amber Zuber, Antwerp, vs. Benjamin and Breanna Kauser, Mark Center; and Don Friemoth, Van Wert. Complaint and counterclaim both dismissed with prejudice.

Ditech Financial LLC, Tampa, Fla., vs. Travis Stevenson and any unknown spouse, Antwerp; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; and Paulding County treasurer. Property to be sold at public auction with private selling officer's terms.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Rebecca Hunt and any unknown spouse, Peru, Ind.; and Antwerp Exchange Bank Co., Antwerp. Unless defendants pay $11,6719.39 in five days, property will be forfeited and foreclosed and sale issued.

Wells Fargo Bank, Fort Mill, S.C., vs. any heirs, devisees, legatees, beneficiaries, unknown spouses of Kenneth Speelman (dec.); Thomas Stahl, Christopher Speelman and any unknown spouse, Scott; Mariner Finance LLC, Lima; Paulding County treasurer. Unless $19,592.02 paid to plaintiff in three days, property foreclosed and sale ordered.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Travis Ladd and any unknown spouse, Cloverdale; Daimler Chrysler Financial Services Americans LLC, Jacksonville, Fla.; and Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus. Property forfeited to state.

U.S. Bank, N.A., Tampa, Fla., vs. Leslie Tucker and any unknown spouse, Lima; U.S. Department of Treasury, Washington, D.C.; Paulding County treasurer; unknown leinholders and titleholders to manufactured home in Haviland; Conseco Finance Servicing Corp., Columbus. Unless sums due to plaintiff paid in three days, property foreclosed and to be sold.

Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, Okla., vs. Timothy and Amber Puckett, Paulding; and Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus.  Foreclosure dismissed without prejudice.

United States of America, Columbus, vs. Ronald Rohdy Jr., Defiance; Clara Rohdy, Paulding; and Paulding County treasurer. Sale vacated and foreclosure stayed.

Mitchell Fisher, Payne, vs. Daniel Rhoad, Antwerp. Settlement agreement accepted and matter dismissed with prejudice.

Real estate transfers

Benton Township —

Jack and Jana Yearling to Jack Yearling, et al, Sec. 4, 120 acres, easement.

Jana Pharr to Nathan and Jana Pharr, Sec. 3, 22.767 acres.

Blue Creek Township —

Russell Long, life estate, to Linda Prill, et al, Sec. 2, 42.2 acres.

Brown Township —

Wayne Bronson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Sec. 8, 1.335 acres.

Carryall Township —

Timothy and Lorianne Brown to Zackery Compton and Carrie Reeb, Sec. 25, Proxmire Allot., lots 18-20.

Crane Township —

Curtis and James Potter to Gary and Linda Mabis, Sec. 19, 18.74 acres.

Harrison Township —

Jana Yearling to Nathan and Jana Pharr, Sec. 33, 10 acres; Sec. 33, 50 acres, easement.

Jackson Township —

Bonnie Hemenway to Eugene and Matthew Hemenway, Sec. 23, 11.421 acres.

Latty Township —

Scott Dangler and Tonnette Arnett to Taylor and Audrey Reichert, Sec. 5, 1.27 acres.

Paulding Township —

Russell Long, life estate, to Linda Prill, et al, Sec. 36, 135.86 acres; Sec. 35, 206.86 acres.

David and Nancy Long to David and Nancy Long, life estates, Sec. 28, 143.94 acres.

Latty Village —

Sue Geren to Chasidy and Zackary Strable, Rixom South, lot 27.

Paulding Village —

Clara Warren to Chasidy Strable, Henning Add., lot 27.

Lee Kniceley to Gregory Sr. and Diane Wargolet, Hartzog County Side Estates, lot 8.

Payne Village —

Joyce Balogh to Robert Trammell Jr. and Ronda Merkle, block E, lot 6.

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