Paulding County

Marriage licenses

Charles Chastain, 22, Payne, welder, and Brooke Lelonek, Payne, retail manager.

Cameron Bidlack, 31, Grover Hill, laborer, and Allison Thomas, 26, Grover Hill, homemaker.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Susan Lambert, Oakwood, vs. Megan Lambert, Oakwood. Divorce.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. Matthew Dempsey, Paulding. Money judgment.

Community First Bank and Trust, Cincinnati, vs. Timothy, Carolyn and Terry Lawson, Payne; Finance of America Reverse, LLC; United States of America Attorney General, Washington, D.C.; United States of America, c/o United States Attorney General, Dayton; and Paulding Wind Farm II LLC, Columbus. Foreclosures.

Americredit, Arlington, Texas, vs. William Wesley, Paulding. Repleven.

United States Bank National Associates, Salt Lake City, Utah, vs. Keith Booher, Van Wert; unknown spouse, if any, of Keith Booher, Van Wert; Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, Va.; Paulding County treasurer; Brenda Adams, Scott; and unknown spouse, if any, of Brenda Adams, Scott. Foreclosure.

Randy Suffel, Paulding, vs. Modern Plastics Recovery Inc., Payne and Haviland. Personal injury.

Paulding County treasurer vs. BC Koss Rentals, Haviland. Foreclosure of real property taxes.

Journal entries

Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, vs. Jason and Holly MacDonald, Paulding; State of Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; United States of America Department of the Treasury, Cleveland; and Student Loan Solutions LLC, Rock Hill, S.C. Dismissed.

TD Bank USA, Brooklyn Park, Minn., vs. Stacey Butler, Paulding. Plaintiff granted judgment for $1,383.16.

Synchronicity Bank, Draper, Utah, vs. Robert Adams, Paulding. Notice of voluntary dismissal filed.

Velocity Investments, LLC, Wolf, N.J., vs. Kristina Smith, Antwerp. Dismissed.

U.S. Bank National Association, Owensboro, Ky., vs. Gregory Altic, Antwerp; Peggy Jean ALtic, Fort Wayne; Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va.; and State of Ohio Department of Taxation. Dismissed.

TD Bank, USA, Brooklyn Park, Minn., vs. William Coleman, Oakwood. Plaintiff granted judgment of $1,423.88.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Getzville, N.Y., vs. Justin and Katlyn Pettijohn, Antwerp; and Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati. Writ of possession ordered for purchaser.

Allison Russell, Decatur, Ill., vs. Troy Russell, Antwerp. Registration of foreign support ordered.

Wells Fargo Bank, Fort Mill, S.C., vs. John Does; Kenneth Speelman (dec.); Thomas Stahl, Scott; Mariner Finance, Lima; Paulding County treasurer; Christopher Speelman, Scott; and unknown spouse, if any, of Christopher Speelman, Scott. Judgment entered in favor of plaintiff.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

Sandra Weidenhamer to Timothy and Amy Borkoski, part section 13, 6.38 acres.

Benton Township —

Garrett and Linda Hicks, Convoy, to Garrett and Linda Hicks, part section 31, 72.49 acres.

Blue Creek Township —

Linda Prill et al, to Linda Prill et al, 42.2 acres.

Crane Township —

Ruth Foust, trustee, to Marvin Foust, part section 13, 65 acres; 38.35 acres; 40 acres; part section 24, 80 acres, 67.04 acres.

Vernon Killian to Jonathan and Stefany Font, part section 21, resid. unplat, 0.05 acres; part section 11, unplat, 0.1167 acres.

T3 Properties Inc. to Nancy Lanmeyer, part sec. 19, 1.519 acres.

Emerald Township —

Ruth Foust, trustee, to Marvin Foust, part section 18, 18.95 acres.

Latty Township —

Jason and Wendy Williamson to Jason and Wendy Williamson, part section 6, 20 acres.

Ruth Foust, trustee, to Marvin Foust, part section 13.

Paulding Township —

Maremont Corp. to Arvin Environmental Managment LLC, part section 12, 28.11 acres.

Linda Prill et al to Linda Prill et al, part section 35, 127.74 acres; 79.12 acres; part section 36, 135.86 acres.

Virgil and Boygne Sentel to Boygne Sentel, Noneman Melody Acres, lot 3, sec. 16, 0.402 acres.

Antwerp Village —

Douglas and Carly Billman to Vicki Sprow, lot 4, Dutchman's Cove, Sec. 10, 0.3535 acres.

Vicki Sprow to Douglas and Carly Billman, Wabash and Erie Canal Road, phase II, part lot 17, 0.3434 acres; part lot 18, 0.3523 acres.

Grover Hill Village —

HH Transport Constructing LLC to Friends of the Grover Hill Branch Library Inc., lot 68, outlot 33, original plat, 0.199 acres.

Haviland Village —

Dovetail Development Ltd. to Richard Rotzoll, lot 108, original plat, 0.1653 acres; lot 190, original plat, 0.1653 acres.

Melrose Village —

Kedar Army to Brenda Howard, original plat, lots 124-125, 0.3444 acres.

Paulding Village —

Tyler and Ashley Anders to Jacob and Kathrine Hindall, part lot 17, Utterback Sub., 0.301 acres.

Ingersoll Financial Midwest Land Trust to Paulding Village Real Estate LLC, lot 8, part lot 12, Whinney Add., 0.097 acres.

Maremont Corp. to Arvin Environmental Management LLC, part lots 1-2, 4-5, Henning Add., 0.855 acres.

Scott Village —

Tristan and Taylor Branch to Anthony Bocook, Norvell Add., lot 29, 0.2 acres.

Tristan and Taylor Branch to Tristan and Taylor Branch, Norvell Add., lot 30, 0.2 acres.

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