Paulding County

Marriage licenses

Joseph Den Herder, 36, Paulding, funeral home assistant, and Samantha Martin, 42, Paulding accountant.

Corbin Edwards, 22, Paulding, warehouse worker, and Kynsie Etzler, 21, Paulding, paraprofessional.

Keirstyn Shisler, 21, Oakwood, health care, and Jesse Elston, 27, Oakwood, self-employed.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Candace Caple, Antwerp, vs. John Caple, Chillicothe. Divorce.

Cody McMillan, Haviland, vs. Rachel McMillan, Ottawa. Divorce.

Richard Shellenbarger, Defiance, and Amanda Shellenbarger, Marion, Ind. Dissolution of marriage.

Vancrest Management Corp., Van Wert, vs. John Smith, Paulding. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Thomas Russell, Payne, vs. Dee Russell, Decatur, Ind. Divorce granted.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Michelle Sherry and any unknown spouse, Oakwood. Complaint dismissed without prejudice.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Michael Wright and any unknown spouse, Defiance; and Danny Miles, unknown address. Property forfeited to state.

Barbara Morris, Ronnie and Victoria Kadesch, Paulding; Richard King, Payne; and Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition, West Chester, Pa., vs. State of Ohio, Columbus. Case dismissed.

Cincinnati Insurance Co., Cincinnati, and Jay Hanenkratt, Pettisville, vs. Jessica Garcia, Continental. Cincinnati Insurance Co. granted $16,140.29 judgement and Hanenkratt granted $1,000 judgement.

Jeanne Eberly, Cecil, vs. Laurence Eberly, Defiance. Defendant found in contempt and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

Real estate transfers

Benton Township —

Rodger and Jerri Carpenter to Rodger and Jerri Carpenter, Sec. 29, 0.51 acre, easement.

Blue Creek Township —

Chad and Jennifer Keysor to George and Sharon Keysor, trustees, Sec. 36, 5.007 acres.

Brown Township —

Michael Halter to Danny Halter and Brenda Edwards, Sec. 22, Thrasher's Parcels, parcel 2.

Carryall Township —

Benjamin Kauser to Benjamin Kauser, Sec. 21, 94 acres.

Emerald Township —

Megan Jackman to Megan Jackman, Sec. 31, 4.869 acres.

Christopher and Megan Jackman to Megan Jackman, Sec. 31, 3.537 acres.

Harrison Township —

Seller unavailable to Karl and Nedra Mielke, Sec. 3, 6.103 acres.

Washington Township —

Ronald and Shirley Schaffer, life estate, to Ronald Schaffer, life estate, Sec. 27, 2 acres.

Antwerp Village —

Rolland and Ruth Clem to Gregory and Marie Shull, Wilhelm Add., lot 60.

Parcel created to Yoder Construction Inc., Sec. 27, outlots, .606 acre.

Oakwood Village —

Jennifer Kelley to Woodchuck Implement LLC, Sec. 27, outlots, lot 15; Hake Add., lot 48.

Paulding Village —

Terry and Marlene Buehler to Paulding Enterprises LLC, original plat, lots 142, 147.

Cross Roads Venture Group LLC to Alex and Jennifer Bland, Latty Add., lot 9.

Doris Grubb, life estate, to John and Ronald Grubb, Dix Second Add., lot 23.

Mary Sanchez to James Sanchez, et al, Barnes Add., lot 17.

Payne Village —

Terry Turner and Sonya Franklin to Alexander Wehnes, Gibson's Third Add., lot H.

James Helms to Joshua Helms, outlots, Block G, lot 22.

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