Paulding County

Common Pleas

On the docket

Derrick Elson, Antwerp, vs. Jessica Elson, Sherwood. Divorce.

Emily Zimmer, Oakwood, vs. Al Zimmer, unknown. Divorce.

Jeremy Slawson, Paulding, and Francesca Slawson, Paulding. Dissolution of marriage.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Rebecca Hunt and any unknown spouse, Peru, Ind.; and Antwerp Exchange Bank Co., Antwerp. Foreclosure.

Robert Thompson Jr., and Kara Relyea-Thompson, Haviland, vs. Christopher and Tiffany Wilcox, Haviland. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Sharon Van Vlerah, executrix and personally, Defiance, vs. Kelly and Cannina Lee and any unknown spouses, widows or heirs, address unavailable. Land installment contract canceled.

First Financial Bank, Cincinnati, vs. Rex Gray and any unknown spouse, Paulding; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; and Paulding County treasurer. Bankruptcy filed.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

Quinton and Thomas Baxter to Anthony and Bernice Sutphen, Sec. 19, Hartzog Auglaize Allot. 2, lots 83-84.

Benton Township —

Joann Summey, life estate, to Joann Summey, life estate, Sec. 17, 78.75 acres; Sec. 16, 152.748 acres.

Blue Creek Township —

James and Karen Mielke to James and Karen Mielke, Sec. 4, 160 acres, easement.

Brown Township —

Elizabeth Bates to Paul Adams, trustee, Sec. 24, 40 acres.

Paulding Township —

James and Karen Mielke to James and Karen Mielke, Sec. 28, 20 acres.

Charles and Susan Labounty to Charles Labounty, Sec. 14, 1.35 acres.

Antwerp Village —

Otto Gerdeman to Travis and Diana Hammer, Colony Sub., lots 2-3.

Cecil Village —

Lisa Koenn to Miguel Hernandez, Sec. 14, outlots, lot 28.

Paulding Village

Jerry DeLong to Jacqueline Walker, Bittersweet Village Sub., lot 6.

Payne Village —

Steven and Judith Baumle to Jarrod Childs, original plat, lot 20.

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