Paulding County

Common Pleas

On the docket

Donna Payton, Oakwood, vs. Deron Payton, Oakwood. Divorce.

Real estate transfers

Blue Creek Township —

Renna Parker, et al, to Renna Parker, et al, Sec. 23, 66.833 acres; Sec. 23, 33.165 acres.

Brown Township —

Ronald Eakins, trustee, to Daniel Eakins, trustee, Sec. 26, 5.135 acres.

Jackson Township —

Lester and Karen Manz to Lester and Karen Manz, trustees, Sec. 9, 1.245 acres; Sec. 9, 38.755 acres.

Shaun and Michelle Meeks to Jason and Nicole Kremer, Sec. 13, 1.5 acres.

Latty Township —

Austin Shellenberger to Britny Shellenberger, Sec. 28, 1.604 acres.

Lester and Karen Manz to Lester and Karen Manz, trustees, Sec. 33, 20 acres.

Antwerp Village —

Mason Gerken to Mason Gerken, Sec. 34, outlots, 1.036 acres; lot 130, 0.2 acres.

Mason Gerken to D&L Properties of Antwerp, Ohio LLC, lot 129, 0.2 acres.

Cecil Village —

Edward Johnston Sr. to Kenneth and Maxine Keegan, Guerin Add., lot 8, 0.2515 acres.

Paulding Village —

Mountain Express Oil Co. to Mountain Portfolio Owner LLC, Morrow Add., lots 8-11, 0.7249 acres; Sec. 18, 0.0654 acres.

Justin Tope to Eric Dohoney, Noneman Second Add., lots 55-56, 0.252 acres.

Randy Prine to William and Abigail Colley, Williams Add., lot 2, 0.2 acres.

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