Paulding County

Common Pleas

On the docket

Dennis Line, Van Wert, vs. Baughman Tile Co., Inc., Paulding; John Logue, administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Worker’s compensation.

Eagle Loan Company, c/o Bleecker, Brodey & Andrews, Indianapolis, vs. Rebecca Markins, Payne. Money judgment.

Gerilyn Larson, Paulding, and James Larson, Paulding. Dissolution of marriage.

Christina Tromblay, Paulding, vs. Ryan Tromblay, Paulding. Civil stalking protection order.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

James and Linda Myers to Linda Myers, Sec. 13, 2.19 acres.

Benton Township —

Robert and Joan Burnos to Robert and Joan Burnos, trustees, Sec. 28, lot 4, 65.42 acres.

Brown Township —

Eugene and Nancy Gerschutz to Christopher Alexander, Sec. 5, 2.771 acres.

Crane Township —

Sharon Busche to Michael Nadeau, Sec. 3, 92.694 acres.

Kyle Peters to Matthew and Amanda Forbes, Sec. 19, Noneman Rolling Acre No. 2, lots 42-44 (east half of lot 44), 1.041 acres.

Emerald Township —

Donald and Lavon Dennewitz to Donald Dennewitz, Sec. 30, Nolan Subdiv., lot 7, 0.3903 acres.

Harrison Township —

Cathy Huss to Cathy Huss, Sec. 6, 50.832 acres.

Cathy Huss to Angelica Kaufman, Sec. 6, 1.59 acres.

Oakwood Village —

Marie Hall, life estate, and Patsy Barton to Patsy Barton, Floyd Burt Add., lot 27, 0.2 acres.

Paulding Village —

Cathy Gross, et all, to Craig and Marcia Westendorf, Noneman Emerald Acres Allot. No. 3, lots 57-58 (east 25 feet), 0.3444 acres.

Susan Crossland to Stephanie Schweller, Gasser Second Add., lots 6-7, 0.2303 acres.

Melissa Escalera to Greg and Ann Reinhart, Homeside Allot., lot 2, 0.1939 acres.

James Turrentine Jr. and Leanne Gribik to James and Leanne Turrentine Jr., Schultz Add., lots 43-44 (north 15 feet), 0.343 acres.

Rosemarie Reinhart to Alverta Clark, Bittersweet Village Subdiv., lot 5, unit No. 2, Condo H.

Richard Phlipot to Tamara Blankenship, Dix Second Add., lot 40, 0.195 acres.

Donald and Sheila Apple to Thomas Smith, Noneman Emerald Acres Allot. No. 3, lot 173-174 (west 25 feet), 0.3444 acres.

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