Paulding County

Marriage licenses

Stacey Henderson, 33, Paulding, CMA, and Donald Moody, 35, Paulding, retail.

Jennifer Coil, 21, Paulding, ISS, and Andrew Poucher, 21, Paulding.

Amber Gordon, 38, Antwerp, customer service, and James Baker, 58, Antwerp.

Elaine Smith, 24, Paulidng, stay-at-home mom and Nicholas Corral, 26, Paulding, Campbell's Soup auditor.

Dominic Harvey, 23, Antwerp, tire building, and Kelsee Rittenhouse, 23, Cloverdale, treatment coordinator.

Victor Bennett, 77, Sherwood, retired, and Mary Wigton, 69, Sherwood, retired.

Kirsten Olwin, 26, Convoy, CNA/QMA, and Justin Gamble, 28, Convoy, service tech.

Common Pleas

On the docket

Michael Boyd, Latty, vs. Destiny Boyd, Van Wert. Divorce.

Journal entries

Katelyn Simon, Payne, vs. Dominic Simon, Defiance. Divorce granted.

Heather Johnson, Antwerp, vs. Nathan Johnson, Lima. Divorce granted.

Velocity Investments LLC, Wall, N.J., vs. Kristina Smith, Antwerp. Money judgment.

TD Bank USA, Brooklyn Park, Minn., vs. William Coleman, Oakwood. Plaintiff granted $1,423.88 default judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. Julia Bryan, Paulding. Plaintiff granted $2,586.52 default judgment.

Paulding County treasurer, vs. Samuel Hunsaker and any unknown heirs, administrators, executors or assigns, Nellie Hunsaker and any unknown heirs, administrators, executors or assigns, address unavailable; David Scott Sr. and any unknown spouse, Grover Hill; and Ohio Department of Taxation. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Real estate transfers

Auglaize Township —

Deborah Kochel, et al, to Deborah Kochel, Sec. 30, Auglaize Development, .181 acre; parcel 1.

Ronald Sr. and Patricia Clemens, to Ronald Sr. and Patricia Clemens, life estate, Sec. 19, Hartzog's Auglaize Allot, lot 4.

Brown Township —

Thomas Herr, life estate, to Sharon Herr, life estate, Sec. 7, .63 acre.

Carryall Township —

Michael Bowers to Michael and Annette Bowers, Sec. 27, .733 acre.

Emerald Township —

Scott VanVlerah to Tess and Jeremy VanVlerah, Sec. 8, .5 acre.

Harrison Township —

Robert Lee, et al, to Patricia and Kevin Lee, trustees, Sec. 36, 79.97 acres.

Paulding Township —

Sylvia Bair to Mackenzie and Brent Bohner, Sec. 7, Arena Parcels, lot 7.

Antwerp Village —

Perry Hull to Dustin Greenwood, Wabash & Erie Canal Sub., lot 3.

Oakwood Village —

Weiseco Real Estate LTD. to Jamie Clemens, Taylor Add., lots 9-11.

Paulding Village —

Alice Rager to Carl Flint, Bittersweet Village Sub., lot 10, unit 2.

Payne Village —

Leroy Anderson to Leroy and Sally Anderson, Gibson First Add., lot 79.

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