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PAULDING — Voters here figure to have an income tax proposal to decide in March following village council action Monday evening.

Two related legislative items were approved, while council also gave a first reading to its 2020 budget ordinance.

First, council passed an ordinance “approving the imposition of an income tax increase for the purpose of maintaining the cemeteries” in Paulding, then passed an emergency resolution submitting the matter to Paulding County’s board of elections for placement on the March 17 ballot. (The deadline for the March primary is Dec. 18.)

If approved, the 0.1% income tax is expected to generate about $90,000 annually to help maintain Paulding’s two village cemeteries. The income tax would not affect property taxes or retired persons.

The proceeds would be used for the following projects:

• straightening 150 stones at a cost of approximately $45,000.

• refurbishing the mausoleum for approximately $50,000-$75,000.

• cemetery drainage improvements at approximately $75,000.

• dead tree removal at a cost of approximately $30,000.

• annual maintenance at about $25,000 per year.

In another matter Monday, council held a first reading on its 2020 budget ordinance. Subsequent readings are expected before council gives the legislation a final vote in December.

The largest expenditures in the proposed $7.28 million budget, with 2019 adopted spending amounts in parenthesis, include: income tax fund, $1,014,100 ($880,100); wastewater separation, $1,000,000 ($4,164,000); water, $872,550 ($843,350); general fund, $680,125 ($641,600); sewer, $613,950 ($563,500); sewer separation capital improvement, $581,100 ($571,100); police, $527,625 ($427,225); water treatment plant capital improvement, $419,000 ($393,200); street construction, $325,200 ($234,100); water capital improvement, $245,200 ($295,100); EMS fund, $168,800 ($139,000); solid waste fund, $166,550 ($155,250); fire levy, $108,000 ($108,000); sewer capital improvement, $103,900 ($103,200); street light levy, $86,500 ($86,000); pool maintenance, $76,700 ($69,740); Paulding County Firefighters Association fund, $72,750 ($72,650).

Also, Monday, Administrator Dale Goebel provided his regular report.

He reminded residents and businesses that they are required to remove snow from sidewalks within 12 hours (or a reasonable time), while leaf pickup will continue for a couple more weeks on Wednesdays only. Leaves should be left in trash bags, but not cardboard boxes.

Too, Goebel gave notice that sewer rates can be raised no more than 3% annually, while council must be informed before Dec. 1. And water rates will be going up 3%, but council’s utility committee is considering the possibility of a larger increase.

Additionally, Goebel noted that Jerry Zielke of the county’s economic development office has helped secure an $85,000 grant through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the Wall Street project.

In other business, council:

• passed a resolution accepting ODOT’s “recommendation to lower the statutory speed limit of 50 mph” on West Wayne Street (Ohio 111) between Ohio 500/County Road 103 and County Road 107.

• gave a first reading to an ordinance amending the 2019 budget to reflect an additional $318,100 compared to what was originally appropriated.

• approved a motion allowing the Horsepower Holiday to utilize village property along Flat Rock Creek on condition of a signed contract. Councilman Barb Rife cast the only dissenting vote, saying she had heard from residents who are opposed.

• approved three financial transfers — $24,852.76 from the income tax fund to water capital improvement; $50,000 from the income tax fund to sewer capital improvement; and $45,052.99 from the income tax fund to street construction.

• gave a first reading to a resolution allowing the purchase of supplies for 2020. Street maintenance materials, water chemicals, piping, vehicles, traffic control equipment and fire hydrants are among the supplies.

• approved a motion allowing the village’s solicitor, Harvey Hyman, to proceed with a memorandum of understanding with Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative for the installation of new “Welcome to Paulding” signs on U.S. 127 at the north and south corporation limits.

• passed a motion, 5-1, spending $3,500 to allow DiSalvo Development Advisors, Dublin, to make downtown building and village retail area assessments. Only Rife voted no.

• scheduled safety, street and salary committee meetings beginning at 4:30 p.m. Monday along with utility, buildings and lands, and finance committee meetings beginning at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

• was informed by Mayor Greg Reinhart that Timothy Ridgway’s first day as a full-time police officer will be Friday. He also provided council with his monthly EMS report, noting that 60 calls were handled in October.

• approved a street use permit for the Merry and Bright event from noon-7:30 p.m. Dec. 8 on Jackson Street, from Flat Rock Drive to Cherry Street, and Main Street from Perry to Caroline streets.

• learned from Goebel that water plant operator Neal Stouffer has received certification through Ohio EPA, allowing the village to have a backup operator when the water plant superintendent is off.

• met in executive to discuss personnel.

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