PAULDING — Village council here has adopted an ordinance governing the maintenance of farm animals within municipal limits.

A related ordinance was one of three legislative items receiving Paulding council’s attention Monday night. The farm animal ordinance approved unanimously Monday follows a number of weeks of discussion and tweaking. For example, recent discussion included consultations with Michael Schweinsberg, 4-H educator with the Paulding County OSU Extension Office.

The ordinance includes several sections, including two which define the animals disallowed, prohibited conduct and penalties.

“Strictly prohibited animals” refers to “animals that are never permitted to be housed, raised or otherwise kept” in the village. “They include, but are not limited to: horses, male fowl and poultry over six months old, swine, peahens, peacocks, guinea fowl, exotic animals other than foul and poultry not otherwise prohibited herein above, deer, antelope, bears, llama, alpaca, equine, bison, nor any animal which weighs in excess of 200 pounds, unless said animal is an otherwise authorized dog. No animals shall be kept for breeding and only chickens may be kept for egg-laying purposes.”

Furthermore, the ordinance defines “farm animal” as “any domestic species of animal that is kept and raised for use as food in the production of food is in the operation of a farm and is not a house pet such as a dog, cat or similar animal. Farm animals includes horses, ponies, goats, pigs, cows and fowl, as well as any animals listed in a particular category of permitted animals with respect to impacts on nearby properties, including noise, odors, safety hazards or other nuisances.”

The ordinance also noted that “no strictly prohibited animal shall be kept within the village of Paulding. Prior to housing, raising or keeping any farm animals within the village, the owner or prospective owner shall make application for a permit with the village zoning inspector. The permit shall be applied for annually and shall follow guidelines as set forth herein and in compliance with this ordinance, the zoning laws of the village of Paulding and the laws of the state of Ohio. The zoning inspector shall determine if the proposed use is in compliance with these restrictions and any other relevant factors, and shall issue an approval or denial of the permit application.”

The Paulding County Fairgrounds — located at 226 Fairground Drive in Paulding — is exempt from the ordinance.

The ordinance contains a provision entitled “4H/FFA guidelines for permitting,” which states:

“No more than five turkeys, ducks or geese per household. No more than 30 chicks per household, nor more than 30 chickens for purposes of meat production projects, no more than five chicks for all other purposes. No more than 12 rabbits per household. No more than two sheep or goats per household, and no property may host these animals for more than nine months in a calendar year, and those months must be consecutive. Sheep and goats may only be kept when part of a project for the Paulding County Fair.”

Those violating the ordinance can be charged with a minor misdemeanor for each day the violation persists.

In other legislative business Monday, council:

• approved a first reading of an ordinance concerning costs and the assignment of agents for property inspections as provided for in recent legislation approved by council. Tuesday’s ordinance states that “the mayor or the mayor’s agent(s) is authorized to make such inspection of buildings, lots and premises, as he deems necessary to investigate and abate insect or rodent infestations or haborages. ... The cost of the inspection ... shall be paid by the property owner to the village if the complaints are substantiated by any evidence found in the inspection. Should a property owner fail to pay the costs of inspection within 30 days of notice, the same may be collected by the village in any manner permitted by law.”

• adopted an annual resolution accepting amounts and rates determined by the county budget commission for unvoted, inside property tax millage. The legislation passed following a third and final reading.

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