HOLGATE — New ordinances that aim to curb noise and yard-waste offenses in the village were passed on second reading during a Tuesday night meeting of Holgate Village Council.

The noise ordinance, modeled after the city of Napoleon’s, prohibits engine acceleration and radios “plainly audible by a person using normal hearing faculties at the distance of 100 feet or more from the place of origin.”

Further, the ordinance prohibits yelling, shouting or otherwise making noise in public between 10 p.m.-7 a.m. (audible from 100 feet away), as well as “the frequent or long-continued noise” of any animal or bird during the same hours, if audible across the property line.

Discharging exhaust except through a muffler or other noise-canceling mechanism also is prohibited, as is construction or excavation outside the hours of 7 a.m.-10 p.m. that produces noise plainly audible from the same 100-foot distance.

Violating the ordinance can result in a misdemeanor charge and a fine not to exceed $50 and/or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days.

A second ordinance passed by council states that, “No person shall sweep into or deposit in any gutter, street or other public place within the city the accumulation of litter from any building or lot or yard waste from any public or private sidewalk or driveway.”

The ordinance further states that property owners are to keep their sidewalks free of litter.

Both ordinances are slated for a final reading at council’s June 25 meeting.

Also Tuesday, council voted to spend $24,000 to upgrade the village’s Sensus water metering systems.

“As much as I hate to spend money, this is something we are going to have to do,” said village clerk/treasurer Sally Briggs.

Village administrator Rob Nagel said the handheld meter-reading unit he uses in the field needs replacing too; that is included with the upgrades.

Half the money will come from the water fund, and the other half from the sewer fund.

In other business Tuesday, council:

• heard from Nagel that concrete has been poured at the site of the new restroom/concession facility at Old School Park, and that crews could begin laying block for the structure today.

• discussed obtaining a quote to put a fine stone topcoat on the walking trail at Old School Park. Councilman Sheldon Burke said at an April council meeting that a resident advised him it was coming loose. Nagel said efforts to tamp down the stone with a roller haven’t solved the problem.

• heard Councilman Ethan Matson note that Holgate’s Facebook page was the site of some recent discussion on the possibility of reviving the Eyes to the Skies fireworks display. Matson said outside groups have put on the displays in the past, and encouraged any interested groups or individuals to contact council.

• heard Councilman Nathan Schwartzengraber thank Holgate High School art teacher Brianna Coolman and her students for their work on a mural on the side of the Holgate Post Office. The project is sponsored by S&B Design and Build.

• voted to purchase a new computer for Nagel at a cost of $899.95.

• scheduled a meeting of the parks committee to take place June 25 at 6:30 p.m., prior to council’s regular session.

• discussed a pair of quotes Mayor Blake Tijerina received recently to revamp the village’s website. He said the village could host its own site for $100 annually, as opposed to the $60 quarterly it pays now for hosting. Councilman Mike Medina said he’d rather hold off on the redesign while other large projects are underway in the village.

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