Multiple fire alarms rang at Defiance College’s McReynolds Hall Tuesday evening, but no fire was found.

City firefighters were sent to Defiance College at 9:31 p.m. Tuesday while dispatchers received “multiple alarms” on the dorm’s third floor near the laundry room.

Upon arrival, firefighters found that all of the building’s occupants had been evacuated. They also found no fire showing on the three-story dorm, but discovered a “slight haze” near the laundry room.

The fire department’s incident report noted that “there appeared to be at least two dryers in operation at the time of the alarm.” Firefighters checked the appliances but found no excessive heat.

The haze was cleared out when windows were opened, according to the report.

“Defiance College staff on scene was advised to discontinue the use of the laundry equipment and follow up with maintenance in the morning,” the report noted.

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