NEY — Mayor Tom Vance shared his annual “State of Village” report with Ney Village Council during its first meeting of 2022 on Wednesday evening.

After swearing in council members Rocky Brodbeck, Adam Coy, Barb Rosebrock and Lance Rosebrook, Vance shared some of the accomplishments that were handled by the village during 2021.

“This year we completed the splash pad, we started work on the pickleball courts, we replaced several old sidewalks with new sidewalks, we purchased a new truck, a snowplow, we repaved several blocks of streets, we added new Christmas lights ... there were several improvements in the village this past year,” said Vance. “We also plan to finish up the new concession stand down at the park this year.”

Following Vance’s remarks, council voted Brodbeck to serve as council president for another year. In addition, the members voted to pass annual appropriations in the amount of $823,300 for 2022.

After several months of discussion about not allowing a marijuana dispensary inside city limits, council passed an ordinance Wednesday to make it official, no marijuana dispensary will be allowed to set up shop in the village.

Turning to zoning issues, council passed an ordinance to purchase the property located at 340 Hanna St. for $11,500. Vance explained the village will seek funds through Defiance County to help tear down a home in disrepair on the property.

“We’ve applied to get funding through Defiance County to get that property on a list to be torn down,” said Vance. “We do have some other places we’ll apply for funds, too. The money the county will receive this year will be spread out, so we won’t know right away if we’ll get the funding.”

Discussion was held by council about the possibility of adding charging stations in the village for electric vehicles. Although nothing is set in stone, the village plans to look into grant funds about it.

“There is grant money out there to be able to do it, I have been asked to look into it,” said Vance. “We don’t know enough about it at this time, but if it is available and we can get the grant funds, we’ll learn all about it and figure out where a good place to do that would be in the village.”

The members also discussed a pair of fire hydrants in the village that are in need of repairs. Vance explained that once the weather turns warmer, they will be fixed. Although they are in need of repairs, they are still functional.

Finally, council learned that the maintenance garage has been rearranged to add more storage, with the use of pallets.

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