HOLGATE — A new village maintenance worker was hired during Tuesday’s meeting of the Holgate Village Council.

Following an executive session to discuss personnel, council approved hiring Reed Waisner for the job, at a pay rate of $14.50 per hour for the first 90 days, and $15 per hour after.

Council had hired a maintenance worker, James Mansfield, in June, but he resigned the following month.

In other business, Councilman Tim Herndon told the group he was approached recently by a resident concerned “about cats at their residence that have come up missing.”

“They said they heard there’s live trapping going on in town, and releasing, and if that’s the case, who do they contact to find out where their cats went?” Herndon said.

Mayor Blake Tijerina said he is aware of “a few different people” trapping and releasing strays — one visited council recently to verify the practice was legal — and added “sometimes pets probably do get mixed up in that.”

“Without a collar and without some way to distinguish the difference ... I don’t know how you’d begin to try,” Tijerina said, adding some owners microchip their pets to track them. “But assuming they’re just outdoor cats, they could have just wandered off and they’re not back yet.”

Councilman Brenda Kimmich said she’s aware of an individual “shooting cats with a BB gun in town.” Councilman Sheldon Burke noted that was “totally different” from legal trapping and releasing, while Tijerina added it was a matter for the sheriff’s office to handle.

Kimmich said she’s heard recent cases of dogs coming up missing too, adding she thinks “someone around is stealing animals.”

Also Tuesday, council:

• passed a resolution requesting that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) make significant safety improvements at the intersection of Ohio routes 108 and 281.

• heard Tijerina report that there’s been “really hard pushback,” primarily from businesses that would be impacted, against the idea of restricting parking on Kaufman Street to the west side of the street only.

• heard from village clerk/treasurer Sally Briggs that the village has submitted a request to Toledo Edison for paint for Holgate’s electrical poles.

• heard from Councilman Nathan Schwartzengraber that he’s been asked by residents why they have to pay the minimum water bill, despite never meeting or exceeding the minimum usage amount. Briggs explained that all but $31 of the minimum water/sewer bills is debt payment.

• heard Councilman Ethan Matson report that the parks committee is still exploring the possibility of adding disc golf to the Joe E. Brown Sports Complex. The committee is considering seeking sponsors for each hole, he said.

• heard Tijerina note that he is currently in talks with the athletic boosters, who he said have expressed an interest in naming rights for the new baseball diamond. Specifics have not yet been determined. Herndon noted that any decision made would “set the precedent” for another local family who also has expressed interest in naming rights for a ball diamond.

• approved a water bill adjustment for village resident Ricardo Salinas, who told council he experienced a pipe break that has since been fixed. Kimmich abstained from the vote.

• heard Tijerina report that the Holgate American Legion Auxiliary is celebrating its 100th birthday Oct. 20 with an event at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 710 Joe E. Brown Ave., in the multipurpose room. The program begins at 1:30 p.m. and is free to the public. Light refreshments will be served, and there will be door prizes.

• met in executive session to discuss property acquisition and litigation.

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