Andrew Adkins


A Paulding County native has found songwriting success as he releases a new album and his music is part of a film project.

Andrew Adkins, who grew up in the Arthur and Oakwood area, and graduated from Paulding High School, has composed a alt-rock album called “Rattlesnake Motions.”

In an interview, Adkins explained that from an early age music was part of his life.

“As a child, I grew up in a very musical household,” he said. “My dad had guitars laying around. I got my first guitar for my second Christmas. Music has just always been everything to me.”

He started writing songs at around age nine or 10.

“They were awful, but it felt really good to express myself like that,” he said.

One of the influences on Adkins musical life was his aunt.

“My late Aunt Marie used to write songs. She passed away when I was nine,” said Adkins. “She encouraged me to explore that realm. One of the last things that she told me was that she thought it would be really neat to have someone in the family who could write their own music. I haven’t looked back ever since.”

He started playing in bands while in middle school.

“After school, I ended up in Nashville,” he explained. “Since then, it was never a linear, or straight path at all. There was definitely a lot more struggle than success, especially once I started pursuing this career professionally.”

About his journey to musical success Adkins said that he held many other jobs on this path.

“I worked a lot in retail, I laid carpet for a minute, I was a pawnbroker for years,” he recalled. “I got into that business to find good deals on guitars and music gear. It was a horrible job, I hated it, that was the last ‘real job’ that I had.”

“It has been grueling at times (and) I have come close to throwing in the towel on many occasions,” said Adkins. “I have been turned down by so many labels, management companies and agents. I have traveled across the country to make hardly any money and play for maybe five people, including the staff. It is definitely a business that getting into you have to accept that it’s never going to be like in movies where you’re magically discovered and your career just skyrockets overnight. A strong work ethic, steadfast determination and thick skin are all absolutely required.”

About some of the sacrifices made Adkins said, “... I remember as I got older ... my friends and peers who are my same age start(ed) to have kids and start families. I was always so focused on my career. I used to stay on the road all of the time. The lifestyle can be really toxic in many ways ... .”

Success came when one of his songs was picked up for a project by Colin Hanks (son of actor Tom Hanks).

In explaining what it meant to him to have one of his songs picked up for a film project, Adkins said “it’s a pretty unreal feeling, especially early on. I am a huge film geek — I love filmmakers and film composers. So, being able to combine two of my favorite things, music and film, it’s a dream for me.”

“The second time that I had a song of mine used was for a film trailer,” Adkins continued. “Colin Hanks reached out to my publisher about using one of my songs for a project he was working on. He was making a documentary about Tower Records. These things sometimes take months to come together so after a while, I never heard back from anyone. Usually, that’s a sign that things fizzled out and everything fell through.” Adkins continued. “Flash forward around three-four months later, one morning I wake up to a call from my publisher. She told me that the trailer featuring my song is on the front page of The Washington Post’s website, Entertainment Weekly (and) the A.V. Club. I immediately hung up and check my phone.

“I received a tweet from Colin saying ‘welcome to the family’, Seth Rogan re-tweeted the Entertainment Weekly post. I see the trailer and there’s my music playing behind interview footage of Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Elton John, the whole morning was pretty surreal. That was definitely the first time that I felt something has shifted.”

When asked where he saw himself in the future Adkins said, “I started composing a little for TV during quarantine, back in 2020. I really fell in love with that. I would love to start composing for feature films and more TV shows ... . I’ll always probably write songs and release albums. On July 8, I’ll be releasing my new album called Rattlesnake Motions.”

Adkins credits his parents with his success.

“They have had my back since day one,” he said. “Talk about sacrifice — they have always encouraged me and stood behind me at my worst and best. They bought me my first guitar, my first electric guitar and my first amp. They’re the absolute best ... .”

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