HOLGATE — A new village administrator was hired during Tuesday’s meeting of the Holgate Village Council.

Ten-year village employee Rob Nagel was selected to replace former village administrator Dan Davis, who resigned in March to accept a position with First Solar in Perrysburg.

Mayor Blake Tijerina said Nagel was chosen in part for his experience and licensure.

Nagel, who begins effective immediately, will make $20.50 per hour. Village employee Tim Shepard’s pay was raised by council to $16 per hour, and an additional employee will be hired, at a rate of $12-$14 per hour, based on experience.

Tijerina said seven applications were submitted for the village administrator position.

In other business Tuesday, village leaders heard an update from Paulette Mills of Poggemeyer Design Group on impending grant-related projects. Holgate received a $500,000 Neighborhood Revitalization Grant (NRG) last year to pay for a trio of projects. Poggemeyer has been engaged as the engineering firm relative to the grant.

Projects to be funded include the construction of a restroom/concession facility at Old School Park, some road work and a selection of priority flood and drainage projects.

Mills reported that bids for the street improvements were received May 9, with the lowest bid ($107,389) coming from Toledo-based Crestline Paving.

The engineer’s estimate for the street work was $128,600.

Submitting bids for the restroom/concession stand, estimated to cost $154,000, were Mel Lanzer Company of Napoleon ($168,900) and Whitehouse-based Dotson Company ($191,000).

Commissioners were scheduled to award those contracts Tuesday, but tabled the bid award until Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

The storm sewer project will be out for bid in June, Mills said.

Mills also noted the village has received an additional $98,000 in Small Government grant funds, to be put toward the replacement of the Elm Street bridge. That project is estimated to cost $591,000, with $492,000 to be paid by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) grant funding.

According to Mills, plans for the bridge replacement are about 85% complete, and the work will be bid out by ODOT in early 2020. Construction is expected to be underway in the spring and summer of 2020, and will bring an estimated 100-day road closure.

Design is also underway for a pair of basketball courts and a new baseball diamond at Old School Park. Construction for both is set for 2019-20. The basketball court project is estimated to cost $33,000, to be paid for using $15,770 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, and $17,230 in local funds.

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) NatureWorks grant will pay $28,241 for the baseball diamond (estimated to cost $40,185), with $11,971 to come from the village.

Poggemeyer has secured $1.13 million in grant funding for Holgate, requiring a local commitment of $61,868 — or about 5 cents on the dollar — Mills said.

Village leaders also are considering seeking grant funding for a CDBG Critical Infrastructure waterline project estimated to cost $213,000. A 10% local match would be required, and residents on the south side of the village will soon receive an income survey by mail related to that project, Mills said.

Also Tuesday, council:

• passed a measure that will allow village residents to check out a water meter and receive a reduced sewer rate when using at least 2,000 gallons of water (filling pools). Residents must give the village 24 hours notice and transact through the clerk/treasurer (or mayor, if the clerk is unavailable). Meters may be kept for up to 48 hours, and borrowers must sign a waiver.

• passed a motion to pay $1,800 per day for three days to hire a sewer-vac truck to clean the village’s catch basins. Tijerina recommended repeating the process in six months to a year, adding they still need to get a sense of how quickly the basins fill up.

• heard Councilman Brenda Kimmich note that she contacted the Henry County sheriff recently regarding grass clippings being blown into the street. Tijerina said the village currently has no ordinance prohibiting it, but added such an ordinance could be drafted if council chose to do so.

• heard Tijerina report that he plans to have a noise ordinance based on the city of Napoleon’s drawn up for council’s consideration.

• heard Tijerina report that he noticed a parking problem during a recent baseball game at the new field at Old School Park, adding some visitors had parked on the compacted stone walking trail. Council is planning to purchase posts for the trail to prevent this, and will seek price quotes for the posts.

• was advised by Tijerina that he plans to obtain a third price quote to revamp the village website.

• heard that the Henry County Chamber of Commerce will make a $500 donation toward music at Holgate Community Day in August.

• set a safety committee meeting for Monday at 6 p.m. The committee will drive through the village to identify properties with possible nuisance violations. Councilman and safety committee member Ethan Matson also noted that storing scrap tires in a front yard is a violation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

• voted to pay $978 to Just Add Kids, a company that will provide inflatables for Holgate Community Day.

• voted to purchase a phone and computer for Nagel to use as village administrator.

• heard Tijerina read from a letter sent by Holgate resident Sue Junge, who spoke out against the sale of alcohol at Holgate Community Day. Council President Nathan Schwartzengraber noted the day’s events are divided into an alcohol-free, family-centric afternoon, with beverages being served later in the day, during the musical performances.

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