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HICKSVILLE — The 2021 budget that village council here approved last month is a bit shy of $10 million.

The total is $9,370,377, and includes a general fund of $2,018,712.

The majority of general fund revenue ($1,415,000) is expected to come from property taxes and the village’s 1% income tax, according to the village’s clerk-treasurer, Cheryl Smith.

Police services are the largest expenditure within the general fund at $681,232, including wages of $412,000 and insurance benefits of $120,000.

Other large general fund expenditures include:

• miscellaneous, $602,000, including $550,000 in transfers to other funds.

• grounds, $160,000.

• parks, $119,400.

• income tax administration, $115,800.

• fiscal office, $84,000.

• pool, $49,000.

• auditor’s fees, $40,000.

• village council, $33,000.

• zoning, $31,530.

• cemetery, $27,500.

• solicitor, $27,050.

• mayor’s office, $25,000.

(While the village has a full-time administrator, this office does not have its own budget account as transfers from the village’s various departments/funds are used for this position.)

The village’s remaining 2021 funds total $7,351,665, with some of these — such as water and sewer — having their own revenue sources. For example, those two services are covered through water and sewer bills charged to residents and businesses.

The largest among those funds is capital projects at $2,506,000.

The major share ($2,225,000) is set aside for two water-related projects that will be started or completed in 2021. One is construction of a new water tower (likely in 2022) — to replace a smaller one and give the town two of the same size — and the other is developing new wells (likely in 2021) in an area proposed for annexation on the northwest side of town.

Hicksville’s other large non-general fund expenditures in 2021 include:

• sewer, $1,900,000. Capital outlay ($650,000), debt repayment ($475,000), professional and technical services ($200,000) and wages/insurance benefits ($189,000) are the largest figures in this fund. One capital project is construction of a new sewer lift station on Defiance Avenue (approximately $500,000).

• water, $821,800. Capital outlay ($290,000), wages/insurance benefits ($210,100) and professional and technical services ($175,000) are the largest amounts in this fund.

• community development, $718,000. The largest amount ($700,000) is for revolving loans.

• fire and EMS, $504,355. This breaks down to $368,000 for EMS and $136,355 for fire. Among the largest line items are wages/insurance benefits ($263,000) and capital outlay ($75,000).

• refuse collection, $326,365, including $215,000 for contractual services.

• streets, $315,245. Capital outlay ($135,000) and wages/insurance benefits ($112,000) are the largest line items.

• street light assessment, $281,000.

• coronavirus relief fund, $242,260.

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