Henry County

Marriage licenses

Alexander Davis, 32, Holgate, casket maker, and Angela Mendoza, 33, Holgate, cake decorator. 

Matthew Foss, 23, Napoleon, auto technician, and Collette Murray, 25, Napoleon, factory worker.

Derek Dulaney, 29, Liberty Center, construction, and Andra Geahlen, 25, Liberty Center, construction.

Common Pleas

On the docket

Tamara Turner, Napoleon, vs. William Turner, Louisville, Ky. Divorce.

Heide Reyes, McClure, vs. Christopher Reyes, Swanton. Divorce.

Journal entries

Midland Funding LLC vs. Jennifer Weaver. Plaintiff awarded $1,069.85.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs. Jill Kane. Plaintiff awarded $923.18.

Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus, vs. Ronald Spangler, Hamler. Plaintiff awarded $5,742.27.

Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus, vs. Erik Johnson, Napoleon. Plaintiff awarded $3,374.47.

Real estate transfers

Napoleon Corp. —

Janice Rettig, et al, to Adam Jones, lot 35, E.T. Barnes' First Add.

Logan Scheiwe, et ux, to Logan Scheiwe, et al, trustees, lot 16, Riviera Heights Sub. revised. 

Patsy Beck to Brian Boehm, et al, Sec. 23, 0.8 acres. 

Mary Meyer to Carrie Borton, lot 1, Adelia Ritter's Add., south half, 31.8 feet by 88.6 feet. 

Mary Meyer to Carrie Borton, Sec. 14, 0.2 acres.

Sonya Eitzman to Christine Badenhop, et al, trustees, Chelsea Condominiums, family unit 607. 

Robert Dennie, et ux, to Esther Dennie, lot 26, Stetler's Add.

Daniel Aelker, et ux, to Kyle Spieth, lot 104, Riviera Heights Subdivision, Fourth Add.

Russell Borstelman, et al, trustees, to same, lot 1, Anthony Wayne Acres; lots 2-4 Von Deylen Sub. 

Napoleon Township —

Tony Stephy, et ux, to Frederick Michaelis, et al, trustees, Sec. 27, 1.5 acres.

Michael Hesterman, et al, trustees, to Michael Hesterman, et al, Sec. 1, 40 acres.

Philip Behnfeldt, et al, to Timothy Ledbetter, et ux, Sec. 8, 0.8 acres, 0.6 acres. 

Russell Borstelman, et al, trustees, to same, Sec. 35, 5 acres.

Washington Township —

Timothy Cobb, et ux, to Lukas Kern, Sec. 20, 2 acres.

Milton Davis to Milton Davis, et al, trustees, Sec. 29, 32.75 acres, 52.25 acres.

Michael Batdorf to James Belcher, et ux, Sec. 26, 7.9 acres.

Dixie Genson, et al, to Carl Baldwin, Sec. 22, 10 acres.

Damascus Township —

Janet Kerwin to Joel Kerwin, Sec. 9, 1.1 acres.

Janet Kerwin to Mark Kerwin, et al, trustees, Sec. 9, 37.5 acres, 0.4 acres; Sec. 26, 60 acres; Sec. 22, 39.5 acres. 

Brett Sworden to Brett Sworden, et ux, Sec. 4, 5 acres; Sec. 23, 75 acres; Sec. 10, 40 acres. 

Liberty Township —

Suzanne Overmier to Suzanne Overmier, trustee, Sec. 22, 74.2 acres.

Milton Davis to Milton Davis, et al, trustees, Sec. 13, 1 acre. 

Cecil Thompson to Linda Thompson, Sec. 24, 0.1 acres.

Holgate Corp. —

Michael Shultz, et ux, to AB Allied Inc., lot 5, Hornung's Sub. 

Johnny Blakeley Jr., et ux, to Simon Clark Jr., et al, lot 4, Brayer-Kauffman First Add., and south 7 feet of lot 3; lot 10, Brayer-Kauffman First Add., and 11 feet east of creek. 

Monroe Township —

Louise Meienburg (dec.) to Ruth Smith, Sec. 29, 80 acres.

Louise Meienburg (dec.) to Doris Kuesel, Sec. 1, 100 acres.

Florida Corp. —

Andrew Driskel to Andrew Driskel, et al, lot 8, Cook's outlots; part of lot 7, Cook's outlots, 7 feet by 105 feet; lots 107 and 112, Cook's Second Add.

Liberty Center Corp. —

James Zacharias, et ux, to Carol Zacharias, Sec. 25, 0.4 acres.

Flatrock Township —

James Eis (dec.) to Audrey Eis, Sec. 29, 48.3 acres, 16 acres.

Richfield Township —

Louise Meienburg (dec.) to Ruth Smith, Sec. 29, 80 acres.

John Karamol, et ux, to Tracy Plott, et ux, Sec. 34, 1 acres, 0.5 acres. 

McClure Corp. —

Jacklyn Clark, et al, trustees, to Andrea Talbot, lot 9 and east half of lot 20, McClure Manufacturing and Machine Works and vacated street. 

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