Henry County

Marriage licenses

Gregory Parkinson, 53, Cedar Park, Texas, retired, and Hope Calton, 44, Liberty Center, nurse.

Casey McLuckie, 39, Napoleon, machine operator, and Aislinn Tracy, 34, Napoleon, machine operator.

Dennis Tonjes, 61, Napoleon, service manager, and Nancy Giffey, 60, Napoleon, processor.

Common Pleas

Journal entries

Lindsey Miller, Napoleon, and Roger Miller, Napoleon. Dissolution granted. Lindsey Miller is restored to former name, Lindsey Gilgenbach.

Real estate transfers

Ridgeville Township —

Tyler Kossow, et ux, to Tyler Kossow, et ux, lot 17, J Scofield’s Fourth Add., Sec. 35, 0.5 acre; lot 23, Sec. 35, 0.75 acre.

Harrison Township —

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Sec. 18, 3 acres.

Liberty Center Corp. —

Lonnie Dishop, et ux, to Lonnie Dishop, et al, trustees, lot 2 PCL, Sec. 36.

Liberty Township —

Leo Rabe, et ux, to Leo Rabe, trustee, Sec. 26, 2 acres.

Leo Rabe, trustee, to Emilie Rabe, trustee, Sec. 26, 2 acres.

Edward Hoeffel, et ux, to American Road Holdings, LLC, lot 6, North Pointe Plat 5.

Hamler Corp. —

Austermiller Rentals of Hamler, LLC, to Emily Nagel, part lot 47, Original Plat.

Monroe Township —

Daniel Rettig, trustee, to Christopher Rettig, et ux, Sec. 3, 2.93 acres.

Donald Hahn, et al, to Mildred Hahn, et al, Sec. 27, 39 acres.

Damascus Township —

Tower Assets Newco X, LLC, to TVT I, LLC, Public Utility Real Property, Sec. 24, 1.72 acres.

Gary Vance, et ux, to Kelly Strata and Gary Vance, et ux, life estate, Sec. 19, 6.434 acres; Sec. 19, 10.239 acres.

Napoleon Corp. —

Archie Carr to John Carr, lot 10, J. G. Lowe's First Addition.

Jennifer Beard to Brent Beard, lot 69, Gerken-Hoeffel Sixth Addition.

Sherri Short, et vir, to Ericka Stouffer, et al, Sec. 35, 0.35 acre.

Eric Rohrs to Wayne Rouse II, lot 82, Anthony Wayne Fifth Revised.

Marion Township —

Donatus Schroeder, life estate, to D&M Schroeder, LLC, Sec. 31, 20 acres; Sec. 30, 6.5 acres; Sec. 29, 40 acres: Sec. 19, 78.49 acres.

Ridgeville Township —

Olivia Junge to Tyler Kossow, et ux, lot 23; lot 17, John Scoffield’s Fourth Addition.

Napoleon Township —

Ethan Pahl, et al, to Ethan Pahl, et ux, Sec. 19, 5 acres.

Charles Moehrman to Christopher Moehrman, et al, Sec. 4, 37.92 acres.

Norman Minnick, et ux, to Norman Minnick, et ux, lot 3, Leisure Oaks Sub.

Washington Township —

John Overmier to Andrew Westhoven, et ux, Sec. 30, 28.53 acres.

Michael Westhoven to Andrew Westhoven, et ux, Sec, 32, 2 acres.

Joseph Westhoven to Belle Lue Properties, LLC, Sec. 26, 5.01 acres.

Thomas Vowerk, et al, to Belle Lue Properties, LLC, Sec. 26, 34.49 acres; Sec. 35, 1.94 acres.

McClure Corp. —

Barbara Burditt to Mary Keedy, lot 133, McClure Manufacturing and Machine.

Logan Stark to Leon West, et ux, lot 19, JG Markley's First Add.

Deshler Corp. –

Huntington National Bank to 278 Enterprise Ltd, part lot 334, Original Plat; part lots 335-336 OP.

Daniel Arps, et ux, to Sidney Snider, et ux, lot 278, Outlots; PCL OL OP 28 TRI PCL.

Gary Diem, et ux, to Steven Diem, lot 30F, Outlots.

Bartlow Township —

John Norden, et ux, to Jeffrey Norden, et al, Sec. 10, 1.196 acres.

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