NAPOLEON — Legislation necessary to move forward on planning for a regional transportation network was approved here Thursday by Henry County commissioners.

Passage of a related resolution for a memorandum of understanding with Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO) on a coordinated transportation plan highlighted commissioners’ regular meeting.

Based in Defiance, MVPO is submitting a grant application to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) on behalf of Defiance, Fulton and Henry counties for $80,000 in planning funds, according to MVPO’s Dennis Miller. This would allow planning by MVPO’s public transit coordinator for a regional transportation initiative.

Under general outlines of the plan, participating counties would establish a network involving the various transportation services available. This might include transportation for seniors, veterans and other services, and could be coordinated through the existing Henry County Transportation Network, according to Miller.

He told The Crescent-News Thursday that commissioners from Defiance, Fulton and Henry counties have approved the necessary legislation to proceed with the planning application.

Thereafter, the counties could apply through MVPO for a separate ODOT grant that provides capital assets for transportation.

Although MVPO works in five counties — Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding and Williams — only three counties are involved in the transportation initiative for now.

Miller said officials are limiting due to the complexity of the project. But he added that MVPO may later “try to get it up and running and add onto it as we can with the other counties.”

The Henry County Transportation Network’s executive director, Brad Booth, commented that “we’re working to become a more regionalized transportation network and serving as many people as we can. We’re aligning with Maumee Planning and working as a regional authority.”

In other business Thursday, commissioners:

• discussed radio service agreements and maintenance with Nick Nye and Tracy Busch of the Henry County EMA office. The county received bids for service from GEM Energy and Vertiv.

• met in executive session to discuss compensation of personnel and economic development.

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