Fulton County

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Brenna Sancrant, Wauseon, vs. Leo Sancran IV, Wauseon. Divorce.

Terry Woodbury, Lyons, vs. Phoenix Express Inc., Warren, Mich. Other torts.

Real estate transfers

Clinton Township —

Tyson Langenderfer and Chad Bzovi to Dario and Rufina Arriaga, 822 Burr Road, Wauseon.

Glenn and Viola Coblentz to Benjamin and Kelsey Barton, 13660 County Road AC, Wauseon.

Carol Elrod to Glenn and Viola Coblentz, 793 W. Leggett St., Wauseon.

Groeneweg Real Estate LLC to Daniel and Myriah Clay, 221 Darlene Drive, Wauseon.

Carol Elrod to Brock Mealer, Lawrence Avenue, Wauseon.

Linda Mohaney to Jeremy Mouch, 11015 County Road 14, Wauseon.

Williams County

Marriage licenses

Grayson Crist, 32, Bryan, and Morgan Roth, 25, Wauseon.

Thomas Clark, 34, Edgerton, and Darby Smith, 31, Edgerton.

William Campbell, 38, Stryker, and Heather Treace, 39, Stryker.

Adam Zulch, 30, Montpelier, and Ashley Bloom, 23, Montpelier.

Michael Lirot, 27, Bryan, and Megan Fisher, 27, Bryan.

Austin Davis, 42, Bryan, and Jennifer Grime, 38, Bryan.

Paul Cape, 44, Bryan, and Morgan Boger, 24, Bryan.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Brooke Wirth, Bryan, and Kolbie Wirth, Sherwood. Dissolution of marriage.

Billy Sturgill, West Unity, and Melissa Sturgill, Montpelier. Dissolution of marriage.

Amanda Bonecutter, Napoleon, and Christopher Bonecutter, Bryan. Dissolution of marriage.

Tenisha Dempsey, Bryan, and Joseph Dempsey, West Unity. Dissolution of marriage.

Ashlee Nowak, Montpelier, and Kyle Nowak, Fort Wayne. Dissolution of marriage.

Sarah Pettit, Bryan, vs. Rodney Pettit, Bryan. Divorce.

David Thornton, Bryan, vs. Allied Moulded Products Inc. Workers’ compensation.

Credit Acceptance Corp., Southfield, Mich., vs. Kari Kemarly, Pioneer. Money judgment.

Midland Credit Management Inc., San Diego, Calif., vs. Daniel Yeich, Montpelier. Money judgment.

Jonathan Harding and Natasha Harding, Grove City, vs. Jason Dietsch Sales LLC and Jason Dietsch, both of Edgerton. Money judgment.

SAC Finance Inc., Cincinnati, vs. Amber Nichols, Ney. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Discover Bank, address unavailable, vs. Anita K. Shumaker, West Unity. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers, Bryan, vs. Dale Gerhart, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. Jared Knapp, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Sherri Leung, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, Va., vs. Susan Miller, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Homer Culver, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. James Beavers, Edon. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Sherry Yahraus, Pioneer. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Real estate transfers

Bryan City —

Matthew Quillen to Margie Geisler, 118 Townline Road.

Vittoria Johnson to Brittany Berry, 336 N. Cherry St.

Justin and Ashley Garza to Derrick Mosgrove, 443 E. Butler St.

Falser Leasing Ltd. to Troder Properties LLC, 533 Commerce Drive.

Stryker Village —

Madonna Brenner to Linda Hertel and Mary Burns, 108 E. Curtis St.

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