Fulton County

Adam Barr, 21, Swanton, toolmaker, and Emily LaFountain, 23, Swanton, registered nurse.

Justin Murray, 32, Metamora, personal trainer, and Alicia Rybak, 29, Metamora, supervisor.

Randolph Nickert, 58, Belleville, Mich., die maker, and Kimberly Barrons, 53, Belleville, Mich., server.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Stephanie Rayoum, Toledo, vs. Eusebio Felix, Toledo. Other civil.

Samantha Hutchins, Wauseon, vs. Kody Garcia, Wauseon. Divorce.

Reyna Perry, Delta, vs. Lucas Perry, Delta. Divorce.

Jodi Law, Delta, and Lucas Law, Wauseon. Dissolution of marriage.

Real estate transfers

Clinton Township —

Shirley Hamilton to Alex and Tina Tedrow, County Road 11-2, Wauseon.

Christopher and Sarah Steffel to Corpus Rolando, 1336 N. Cornell Lane, Wauseon.

Scott and Kimberly Johnson to Trenton Sauber, 132 W. Washington St., Wauseon.

German Township —

Rachael Schelling to Lange Custom Builders Inc., 220 Hawthorn Drive, Archbold.

Wolverine Properties LTD to N8 Properties LLC, 202 Westfield Drive, Archbold.

David Martin Jr. and Alyssa Kempf to Matthew and Maxcy Bunke, 602 N. Defiance St., Archbold.

Williams County

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Erika Collins, Bryan, and Matthew Collins, Bryan. Dissolution of marriage.

George Tule, Bryan, vs. Cheryl L. Tule, address unavailable. Divorce.

Bradley Lucchesi, Bryan, vs. Kimberly Lucchesi, Springville, Ind. Divorce.

Edward Hoffman II, Bryan, vs. Morgan Hoffman, Edgerton. Divorce.

Robert Zimmerman and Martha Zimmerman, both of Montpelier, vs. Bradley Simon, Cecil. Money judgment.

Danny Northcutt, Bryan, vs. Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich. Money judgment.

Genfed Financial Credit Union Inc., Akron, vs. Charles Hargett, Bryan. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Lutheran Hospital, Cincinnati, vs. Carrie Westrick, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Cavalry SPV I, Valhalla, N.Y., vs. Darrell Christlieb, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Midland Credit Management Inc., San Diego, Calif., vs. Scott Motter, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. Kelley Chapman, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Credit Corp Solutions Inc., Columbus, vs. Lindsey Hoffman, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Cavalry SPV I vs. Levi Williams, Stryker. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Rupp Furniture Co., Archbold, vs. Nancy Snyder, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Real estate transfers

Bryan City —

Lloyd and Luann Stanley to Jasmine Coleman and Kyle Leininger, 329 E. Trevitt St.

McCann Real Estate Investments LLC to Bryan (34) DOHP LLC, 1420 W. High St.

Michael and Lisa Tippin to Terence and Beth Clingaman, 1110 Crestview Ave.

Ned and Diane Hugg to Zachary and Marcia Fisher, 711 Wesley Ave.

Michele Gurwell to Zachary Ordway, 323 E. South St.

Krista Feeney to Laura Gansmiller, 1101 E. Wilson St.

Aaron and Tori Gonzalez to Julie Crum, 1125 E. Wilson St.

Cindra and Joseph Keeler Jr. to JCPON Properties LLC, 611 N. Cherry St. and 403 S. Portland St.

Cindra and Joseph Keeler Jr. to JCHUT Properties LLC, 203 E. Trevitt St.

S. Mohre Investments LLC to Harry L. Bowers, 403 E. Bryan St.

Cindra and Joseph Keeler Jr. to JCMBC Properties LLC, 334 W. Bryan St., 304 E. Bryan St. and 303 E. Maple St.

Cindra Keeler to JCHUT Properties LLC, 345 E. High St.

Vigneshwar Inc. to Shree Hari Oh Hospitality LLC, 924 E. High St.

Wes and Oak LLC to Maggie Tripodi, 306 Avenue A.

John and Maggie Tripodi to Aaron and Tori Gonzalez, 714 Center St.

Jason and Branne Barlow to Cassandra Lawson and Christopher Staniski, 425 Lawndale Drive.

Stryker Village —

Trina Wyse to Shan Clinton Pitts, 200 Tyler Lane.

Kylie Myers to Hannah Doehrmann, 602 S. Beech St.

Center Township —

Jarrod Peltier to Scott and Hollie McElfresh, 09964 County Road F.

Shane Pitts to Caleb and Kaila Frank, 207 Michigan Drive.

Joshua and Amanda Thomas to Tammy Snow, 12898 Ohio 34.

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