Fulton County

Marriage licenses

Nicholas Barlow, 36, Lyons, HVAC installer, and Kerri Chapa, 34, Lyons, RN.

Ryan Gilmore, 24, Bryan, credit analyst, and Hannah Smith, 23, Swanton, auditor.

Ethan Branum, 20, Swanton, military, and Ashlea Hindbaugh, 19, Monroe, Mich., supervisor.

Jose Perez, 56, Wauseon, maintenance, and Rachel Trejo, 54, Wauseon, factory.

Donald Taylor, Sr., 85, Lake Wales, Fla., retired, and Vicki Barnett, 73, Adrian, Mich., retired.

Jordan Maginn, 29, Wauseon, industrial worker, and Santana Garcia, 26, Wauseon.

Jacob Pratt, 29, Lyons, engineer, and Courtney Boger, 24, Lyons, receptionist.

Gregory Myers, 30, Wauseon, licensed chemical applier, and Rebecca Eddins, 30, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Russell Eickholt, 49, Wauseon, postal worker, and Amanda Winters, 42, Wauseon, postal worker.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Christopher Salter, Adrian, Mich., and Leah Salter, Lyons. Dissolution of marriage.

Thomas Worline, Holland, vs. Jennifer Worline, Swanton. Divorce.

Jordan O’Neil, Lyons, and Kylee O’Neil, Delta. Dissolution of marriage.

Lauren Woodring, Swanton, and Nathan Woodring, Angola, Ind. Dissolution of marriage.

Betty Parker, Swanton, vs. Roger Parker, Parkersburg, W.Va. Divorce.

Hastings Mutual Insurance, Hastings, Mich., vs. John Dennis, Wauseon. Other civil.

Tia Fletcher, Fayette, and Trevor Fletcher, Jasper, Mich. Dissolution of marriage.

Diane Brandt, Lyons, vs. Michael Brandt, Wauseon. Divorce.

American Express National Bank, Sandy, Utah, vs. Barbara Grieser, Wauseon. Other civil.

Toledo Edison Company, Akron, vs. Timothy Schieber, Swanton. Other civil.

Joy Florek, Delta, vs. Tony Florek, Delta. Divorce.

Real estate transfers

Clinton Township —

William and Renee Quistorf to Timothy and Laurie Reynolds, 19360 Mallard Run, Wauseon.

Patrick Smith and Allison Reinbolt to Jessica Jasso, 604 Ottokee St., Wauseon.

Stephen Gustwiler to OM SHIV Petroleum, LLC, 10085 SH 108, Wauseon.

Virginia Busch to Taylor Eberly, 332 S. Oakwood St., Wauseon.

John Broering to Brad and Ivy Hicks, 525 Third St., Wauseon.

John Griner Jr. to Lance Grieser and Sherri Dennis, 1120 Old Orchard Drive, Wauseon.

Robin Schantz to Dillon Schantz, 744 Fairway Drive, Wauseon.

Marilyn Emery to Aaron and Patricia Brink, 607 N. Fulton St., Wauseon.

German Township —

Tara Short to Mason Clark, 204 Park St., Archbold.

Paulding County Area Foundation to Justin and Linde Knierim, County Road H, Archbold.

Jacob and Lauren Yoder to Dale and Jeanne Thompson, 413 Hawthorn Drive, Archbold.

Brandon Amy Cover to Richard and Joyce Seiler, 324 Primrose Lane, Archbold.

Thomas and Jully Louis to Jesse and Yurino Gibson, 404 Brussel St., Archbold.

Curt and Krystina Bowerman to Courtney Mata and Padon Pernando, 909 N. Defiance St., Archbold.

Fairlawn to William and Kathryn Gill, 444 Clover Lane, Archbold.

Kinsman Farms LLC to Donald and Nancy Rupp, trustees, Ohio 2, Archbold.

Joel and Lisa Bailey to Patricia and Larry Pritchett, 604 Brussel St., Archbold.

Edward and Bonnie Lauber to Joel and Lisa Bailey, 501 Murbach St., Archbold.

Brent and Rhonda Gingerich to Brandon and Amy Cover, 109 Pheasant Lane, Archbold.

Zeesky LLC to Stephen and Alexis Yackee, 405 West St., Archbold.

James E. Beck, trustee, to Levi, Tammy and Steven Grant, 404 S. Defiance St., Archbold.

James E. Beck to Levi, Tammy and Steven Grant, 402 S. Defiance St., Archbold.

James E. Beck, trustee, to The Money Guys LTD, 201 E. Mechanic St., Archbold.

Sunshine Children’s Home to Matthew and Julie Pacholski, 109 Barre Road, Archbold.

Williams County

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Lauren Jones, Montpelier, and Dusty Jones, Montpelier. Dissolution of marriage.

Chad Kerr, Bryan, and Shilo Kerr, Bryan. Dissolution of marriage.

Steven Sauber, West Unity, and Laurina Sauber, Lancaster. Dissolution of marriage.

Amy Boyer, Bryan, vs. Charles Boyer, Bryan. Divorce.

Michael Six, Bryan, vs. Marci Six, Bryan. Divorce.

Priscilla Dickey, Montpelier, vs. James Dickey, Millington, Tenn. Divorce.

Journal entries

SAC Finance, Cincinnati, vs. Angel Keller, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

SAC Finance vs. Shawn Miller, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers, Bryan, vs. Tamara Ryman, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Fingerghut Revolving Webbank, Columbus, vs. Brenda Chavez, Montpelier. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. Brittney Miller, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Brittney Miller, Bryan. Plaintiff granted money judgment.

Real estate transfers

Bryan City —

Blake and Kathryn Rockey to Max Nihart, 343 Connin St.

Kyle Hugg to Shelby Thompson, 326 W. Perry St.

Timothy Hanna to Donald Heitzmann, 123 E. Perry St.

Center Township —

Vance Wilson to Douglas Wilson, 08156 County Road D.

Rose Acceptance Inc. to William and Vivian Knapp, 03582 Lake St.

Tanya Lilly to David and Lisa Karlstadt, 01316 County Road 12.

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