Fulton County

Marriage licenses

Christopher Mohrman, 26, Wauseon, laborer, and Kaleanne Wurns, 25, Wauseon, housekeeper.

Paul Lazenby, 41, Wauseon, operations, and Stephanie Harty, 40, Wauseon, production.

Jason Pace, 39, Delta, controls technician, and Jessica Harper, 27, Delta, machine operator.

Bryson Tuckerman, 33, Fayette, literature coordinator, and Samantha Klauss, 26, Fayette, stay-at-home mom.

Mackensie Makoby, 37, Swanton, teaching parent, and Amanda Hoffman, 38, Fayette, teaching parent.

David Ondo, 39, Swanton, Air National Guard, and Veronica Campbell, 33, Swanton, accountant.

Robert Stalets, 29, Toledo, warehouse supervisor, and Skylar Emerson, 25, LPN.

John Seawater, 50, Archbold, sanitation, and Michelle Gambler, 49, Archbold, machine operator.

Louie Delgado, 46, Archbold, combine technician, and Hollissa Lesly, 40, Archbold, manager.

Ryan Donley, 37, Swanton, teacher, and Andrea Pontsler, 34, Swanton, teacher.

Nathan Davenport, 30, Swanton, maintenance, and Maureen Braun, 31, Swanton, manager.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

The Bankers Guarantee Title, Medina, vs. Christopher Wudi, Lyons. Foreclosure.

Village of Swanton, vs. Danny Thompson, Swanton. Other civil.

Katie Daniels, Wauseon, vs. Marshall Daniels, Wauseon. Divorce.

Regional Acceptance, Greenville, N.C., vs. Deborah Achinger, Delta. Other civil.

Autumn Smith, Wauseon, and Shane Smith, Wauseon. Dissolution of marriage.

Discover Bank, Independence, vs. Kyle Forrest, Swanton. Other civil.

Claire McIntosh, Hamilton, Ind., vs. Steven McIntosh, Leo, Ind. Other civil.

Levi Rupp, Delta, vs. Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Columbus. Administrative appeal.

Nationalstar Mortgage, LLC, Coppell, Texas, vs. Patrick Nagle Jr., Maumee. Foreclosure.

Real estate transfers

Clinton Township —

Joyce Plassman to Jack Lemley, 339 E. Brunell St., Wauseon.

Terrence Holdren to Joy Schroeder, 1031 Mohawk Way, Wauseon.

Angela and Ryan Sexton to Garry Jr. and Jo Ellen LaFountain, 523 E. Elm St., Wauseon.

German Township —

Teresa Eicher and Michael Meffe to Adam Grisier and Courtney Froehlich, 306 Ditto St., Archbold.

Cathy Konkler, trustee, to Reid and Rebecca Short, trustees, 404 High St., Archbold.

Theodore Gary, successor trustee, to Jerry and Stephanie King, 412 W. Lutz Road, Archbold.

Pettisville —

Steven Duvall and Shirley Hasenauer to Mark and Deborah Anderson, 273 Chestnut St., Pettisville.

Mark and Barbara Brakefield to Sunny Sundays, LLC, 283 Main St., Pettisville.

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