Fulton County

Marriage licenses

Tyler Gorecki, 28, Brooklyn, Mich., Xerox, and Brittany Lesniak, 27, Wauseon, Army.

John Slawinski, 28, Swanton, cashier, and Emily Ludemann, 26, Swanton, deli clerk.

Jack Warncke Jr., 30, Wauseon, heavy equipment operator, and Jessica Scheffler, 25, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Benjamin Woronec, 37, Lyons, military, and Sarah Dawley, 40, Lyons, legal editor.

Bill Johnston, 77, Delta, mechanical engineer, and Judith Majasic, 73, Delta, retired.

Logan Miller, 24, Waldron, Mich., yard horse, and Caitlyn Leach, 24, Waldron, Mich., RCA.

Cory Carnahan, 29, Archbold, maintenance technician, and Tia Campos, 26, Archbold, registered nurse.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Kimberly Livingston, address unavailable, vs. Ryan Wesley, Delray Beach, Fla. Foreign support.

JP Morgan Chase National Association, Anaheim, Calif., vs. unknown heirs fiduciaries devisees. Foreclosure.

Real estate transfers

Clinton Township —

Norman Bechstein to Jeffrey and Deborah Joseph, 1216 Lillian Lane, Wauseon.

Todd and Troy Rychener, trustees, to Cedric Gisel, 4804 County Road 19, Wauseon.

Jerry and Debra Lange to Kelly Nagel, 720 E. Oak St., Wauseon.

James and Mona Sauder to I&P Home Properties Limited, South Shoop Avenue, Wauseon.

German Township —

Judd and Evangelina Brawley to Andru Montague, 205 DeGroff Ave., Archbold.

Justin and Sara Beck to Eric and Emily Pollitz, 208 Dogwood St., Archbold.

Guy Burkholder to Kristin Olashuk, 504 S. Pleasant St., Archbold.

Mark Wanemacher and Jeff Rupp to Nicholas and Sarra Hudson, 07512 Ohio 66, Archbold.

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