NAPOLEON — The Henry County Solid Waste Office, in conjunction with N&R&G Recycling and Zack’s Recycling, announced the winner of its eighth annual Electronics Recycling.

The battle, organized at each of the four Henry County schools, challenged them to collect the most pounds of recyclable electronics.

A designated drop-off location was assigned at each school, where students unloaded accepted items from local residents and businesses. It was another successful year, with a combined weight of 46,849 pounds of accumulated electronics collected. That is 23.42 tons of waste kept out of landfills. This year, the schools collected slightly less than the 2018 total of 54,864 pounds.

“We are thrilled with the outcome,” stated Mike Imbrock, solid waste coordinator. “This fundraiser is like no other — we take your junk and turn it into cash for the schools — saving residents and businesses disposal fees.”

Each high school had assigned an organization to benefit from the event. Thanks to N&R&G Recycling and Zack’s Recycling, the schools were guaranteed $180 per net ton for the electronics. The school that collected the most weight was awarded an additional $300 sponsored by Henry County Solid Waste, and $200, co-sponsored by N&R&G Recycling and Zack’s Recycling, is awarded to second place.

The results are as follows:

• First place – Liberty Center Schools, 16,263 pounds, $1,463.67 and $300 bonus.

• Second place – Patrick Henry Schools, 12,116 pounds, $1,090.44 and $200 bonus.

• Third place – Napoleon Area City Schools, 11,488 pounds, $1,033.92

• Fourth place — Holgate Schools, 6,982 pounds, $628.38

It would have cost $1,405.20 to dispose of the 23.42 tons at the transfer facility but instead, $4,216.41 turned into profit for the schools — a worthy fundraiser for only four hours of work.

Imbrock concluded, “I am so impressed with the outcome and how well everything came together. As the importance of recycling becomes more apparent, our goal is to increase awareness, reduce waste and provide an essential benefit to our local schools.”

For more information regarding the Electronics Recycling, contact the Solid Waste Office at 419-256-7343 or email at

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