Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Clay Tobias, 24, Defiance, laborer, and Kyleigh Robinson, 26, Defiance, member service rep.

Johnathon Brinck, 26, Defiance, general laborer, and Taylor Rodriguez, 25, Defiance, sales manager.

Billy Parsons, 52, Hicksville, truck driver, and Ruth Harrison, 53, Hicksville, nurse.

Johnathan Butler, 24, Hicksville, automotive technician, and Heather King, 21, Hicksville, MSF manager.

Jason Turnbull, 43, Hicksville, pig handler, and Heidi Briskey, 45, Hicksville, teacher.

Devon Bergeon, 24, Defiance, warehouser, and Leslie Trowbridge, 23, Defiance, STNA.

Shon Cantu, 22, Defiance, hatch team, and April VanScoder, 36, Defiance, certified pharmacy tech.

Timothy Cross, 32, Defiance, woodworker, and Jamie Lush, 31, Defiance, STNA.

Kody Grant, 26, Hicksville, and Kayla Hall, 25, Hicksville, unemployed.

John Franks, 24, Defiance, road deputy associate, and Brett Beecher, 26, Defiance, retail management.

Common pleas

On the dockets

Alexandra Santana, 1221 Ayersville Ave., vs. Irvin Santana, 2234 Royal Palm Drive. Divorce.

Kortny Redinger c/o DeKalb County Child Support, Auburn, Ind., vs. Jacob Stewart, Hicksville. Foreign support.

Nicole Gaff c/o Allen County prosecutor, Fort Wayne, Ind., vs. James Sims Jr., Hicksville. Foreign support.

Elizabeth Kight, Green Bay, Wisc., vs. Tabitha Kent, 24840 Mekus Road; Cameron Kight, 24840 Mekus Road; Molly Kight, 24840 Mekus Road; and Defiance County treasurer. Money judgment.

Krystle Coressel, 700 Kiser Road, vs. Scott Coressel, Napoleon. Divorce.

Abigail Brink c/o Hillsdale County prosecuting attorney, Hillsdale, Mich., vs. Dakota Davis, 08749 Ashpacher Road. Reciprocal support.

Journal entries

Heather Gears, 908 Dotterer Drive, and James Gears, 16540 Mud Creek Road. Parties granted divorce.

Tricia Strawser, 1593 Terrawenda Drive, and Brent Strawser, 1593 Terrawenda Drive. Case dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Fifth Third Bank Consumer Foreclosure, Cincinnati, vs. Regina Newsome, 14537 Power Dam Road. Decree in foreclosure.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Harrison and Danielle King to Andrew and Olivia Thiel, Sec. 15, 1.721 acres.

Tracy Ondrejko to David Wachtman, Sec. 27, 23.901 acres.

Shirley Schweitzer to Jennifer Schweitzer-Ahmed, Sec. 32, 0.918 acre.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Estate of Juan Soliz to Marlene Soliz, Holgate's Second Add. Sub., lot S, block 2.

Robert Wagner et al to Scott Herrod, Koerber Add., lot 2.

Defiance Ward 3 —

Andrew Thiel and Olivia Hussey to Zackary Dempsey, Northfield Add., lot 4.

Richard Stroede (dec.) to Andrew Stroede et al, Pontiac Condos, unit 2.

Defiance Ward 4 —

James Blue et al to Burl and Debra Klingler, Biede Place Add., lot 63.

Ida and Henry Rayford to Henry and Ida Rayford, East Defiance part lot 11.

Paul Vogelsong to Wanda Vogelsong, C.E. Bronson's Add., lot 57.

Brent Joost to Thomas and Karen Kent, auditor's plat of Lots East of Auglaize, part lot 21; Kahlo's First Add. to East Defiance, lot 9.

David and Linda Ruggles to Thomas and Karen Kent, auditor's plat East of Auglaize, part lot 21.

Joan Coronado to Jesse Coronado, Pine Ridge Sub. phases 1 and 2, lot 47.

Lisa Crowe (dec.) to Christopher Crowe, S & S Ranchland Heights Third Revised Sub., lot 5.

Carter Road Property, LLC, to DHP Real Estate Holdings, LLC, Sec. 1, 4.626 acres.

Defiance Township —

David Mick, trustee, to David and Brittany Mick, Sec. 7, 17 acres.

Natasha Roddy (dec.) to Mark Roddy, Country Side Estates Second Add., lot 10.

Sherwood Village —

Nicholas Renollet to Steven Bell, Miller et al Add., lot 36.

Hicksville Village —

Dale and Diana Egly to Scott Collins, Bunnell's Second Add., lots 27-28, 31.

Bruce Guilford et al to Ashley Doctor, auditor's plat, lot 309.

Marvin and Janis Edwards to Paul and JoAnn Yoder, auditor's plat, part lot 32, part lot 32.

Estate of Mark Skinner to Judith Skinner, original plat, lots 142 1/2, 177-178, 179-180, 337; part lots 181-182.

Renee Brown et al to Elizabeth Cline, original plat, lots 458, 462; part lots 459, 463.

Robert Bragg to Corinne Essex, Hillbrook Estates, lot 16.

Hicksville Township —

Clara Heffelfinger (dec.) to Jerry Heffelfinger et al, Sec. 9, 77.02 acres.

Adam and Rebecca Zeedyk to Kevin and Kalli Countryman, Sec. 16, 36.849 acres.

Estate of Norval Stairhime to James and Mariann Stairhime, Sec. 18, 9.827 acres, 6.132 acres; Sec. 19, 8.872 acres.

Highland Township —

Milo Crockett (dec.) to Donna Crockett, successor trustee, Sec. 2, 83.22 acres.

David Brown (dec.) to Martha Memmer, Maple Ave. Sub. 4, lot 2.

Ruth Dockery (dec.) to Richard Dockery et al, Sec. 34, 3.001 acres, 0.837 acre.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

Roy Koerner et al to Daniel and Sarah Boeke, Sec. 11, 2.904 acres.

Defiance County Sheriff Douglas Engel to Federal National Mortgage Association, Sec. 21, 0.7 acre.

Craig and Mary Marks to Jason and Theresa White, Sec. 15, 2.416 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp. —

North West Ohio Development Company LLC to Pamela and Michael Seibenick, Stonegate Condos II, unit 227.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City —

Wyse-Beck Co. to Steve Wyse, trustee, Sec. 11, 5.92 acres.

Steve Wyse, trustee, to Kyle and Stacy Sapp, Sec. 11, 5.92 acres.

Noble Township —

Richard and Holly Straka to Richard Straka, Sec. 9, 0.583 acre, 2.584 acres.

Richard Straka to Richard and Holly Straka, Sec. 9, 3.781 acres.

Sara Fogt to Jeffery Fogt, River Chase Phase 1, lot 8.

Roger and Karen Farlee, trustees, to Melissa Diemer, trustee, Sec. 12, 11.16 acres.

Aaron Robbins to William Voirol Jr., Sec. 14, 2 acres.

Richard and Barbara Gray to Dustin Gray et al, Noble Estates Sub. Phase 1, lot 1.

Defiance City-Richland Twp. —

John Siebel et al to Joel and Colleen Mires, Miller-Snyder Add., lot 61.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

John Hanna (dec.), trustee, to Gregory Steyer, trustee, Sec. 31, 4.612 acres.

North Richland Township —

Neil and Kristen Weber to Wesley Cereghin, Sec. 4, 0.069 acre.

South Richland Township —

Shawn and Andrea Goliver to Jerry Booher, Sec. 27, 1 acre.

Virgil and Marguerite Willitzer to Rachel Ruhe, trustee, Sec. 29, 0.5 acre, 30.35 acres.

Milo Crockett (dec.) to Donna Crockett, successor trustee, Sec. 34, 65.804 acres, 117.032 acres; Sec. 35, 38.116 acres, 30.245 acres, 19 acres, 1 acre, 16.168 acres.

Washington Township —

Robert McCarty to Jamie and Jessica Mendez, Sec. 6, 18.137 acres.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jane Brown, Sec. 9, 0.64 acre.

Barbara and John Marlin, Sec. 36, 2.298 acres.

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