Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Marcus Poth, 37, Hicksville, supervisor, and Karlee Harris, 26, Hicksville, library assistant.

Richard Bolman, 25, Defiance, freight broker, and Samantha Seibel, 24, Defiance, medical student.

Shawn O'Leary, 33, Defiance, union carpenter, and Kayla Osborn, 29, Defiance, legal support.

Zachariah Graber, 28, Defiance, landscaper, and Cathryn Hahn, 35, Defiance, unemployed.

Thomas Sanders, 60, Defiance, operations manager, and Tricia Hildebrandt, 47, Defiance, production.

Matthew Bowers, 35, Columbus Grove, laborer, and Danielle Moore, 27, Defiance, nurse.

Allen Dewitt, 31, Defiance, general assembly, and Rachel Dix,32, Defiance, clerk.

Richard Newberry, 31, Defiance, electrician, and Victoria Toepe, 21, Defiance, food service.

Common pleas court

On the dockets

Cincinnati Insurance Company, Cincinnati, vs. Kelsey Thompson, a minor, 1023 Ottawa Ave.; and Bobby and Susan Thompson, 1023 Ottawa Ave. Money judgment.

Cincinnati Insurance Company, Cincinnati, and Homier Enterprises LLC, 07744 Ohio 66, vs. Donald and Christine Doan, 310 W. First St. Money judgment.

Credit Adjustments Inc., 330 Florence St., vs. Drew Wort,  Hicksville. Money judgment.

Raymond Gentile, Toledo, vs. Ruben and Sarah Torres, 1503 S. Jackson Ave.; Progressive Direct Insurance Company, Richmond Heights; Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Boston, Mass.; and Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Columbus. Money judgment.

Citibank, Sioux Falls, S.D., vs. Roland Maxson, 1062 Madison Ave. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Gabriel Pollock vs. Wesley Anderson. Judgment for defendant.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, Texas, vs. Jessica Morgan, Hicksville. Final judgment of foreclosure.

First Federal Bank of the Midwest, 601 Clinton St., vs. Paul Brown, 1430 Deerfoot Drive. Default judgment.

Laurie Schlosser, 1940 Redwood Drive, vs. Salomon Villagomez IV, 2081 Royal Oak Ave. Civil stalking protection order full hearing and warning to respondent.

Susan Goff, 542 Three Rivers Court, vs. Cyron Goff, 542 Three Rivers Court. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Thomas Nally, Sherwood, vs. Melanie Nally, Sherwood. Case dismissed.

Michael Webb, 720 Corwin St., vs. Monica Webb, 1669 Twin Drive. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Florence Behnfeldt (dec.) to Terrance Behnfeldt et al, Sec. 26, 114.298 acres.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Walter Lirot to SMACK LLC, First Add. Block 6, lot 4.

Gregory Imes to Donny Hwang, WC Holgate's Second Add., part lots 13-14.

Gregg and Kathryn Warner to Wayne and Barbara Buchanan, auditor's plat of lots between Maumee and Auglaize rivers, part lot 131.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Roger Schafer to T3 Properties LLC, May and Others Add., part lot 4.

Defiance Ward 4 —

Jerry Ramey (dec.) to Margaret Ramey, Highland Park Add., lot 4.

Penny and Jason Mendoza to New Adventure Properties LLC, East Defiance Add., part lot 54.

John Bussing (dec.) to Sandra Bussing, East View Add., lots 104-111, part lot 112, part lot 112;, part lot 112; East View Add. and vacated railroad, part lot 112; auditor's plat lots east of Auglaize, part lot 29, part lot 29.

John Bussing (dec.) to Suzie Gilbert, East View Add., lots 104-105.

Delaware Township —

Marvin Boehm, trustee, to Susan Dhaenens, successor trustee, Sec. 6, 79.7 acres.

Susan Dhaenens, successor trustee, to Timothy Hahn, Sec. 6, 24.117 acres split.

Sherwood Village —

Scott and Cyndi Heighland to Joel Miller, auditor's plat, lots 12, 337.

Estate of Lester Bauer to Nellie Bauer, auditor's plat, lot 5, part lot 28.

Nellie Bauer to Kenneth Bauer et al, auditor's plat, lot 5, part lot 28.

Hicksville Township —

Adam and Rebecca Zeedyk to Kevin and Kalli Countryman, Sec. 2, 66.66 acres.

Scott and Diane Clark to Travis and Melissa Phillips, Gordon Creek Drive Sub., lot 5.

Mark Township —

Marvin Boehm, trustee, to Susan Dhaenens, successor trustee, Sec. 13, 65 acres.

Defiance City-Noble/DCSD —

Donald Case, trustee, to David and Camilla Williams, Eastern Heights Add., lot 5.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City —

RLG Defiance, Ltd., to Magic Tunnel Midwest LLC, Defiance North Commercial Sub., lot 2.

GCG Defiance, Ltd., to Magic Tunnel Midwest LLC, Defiance North Commercial Sub., lot 2.

Maumee River Crossing LLC to Dean and Jayne Andres, Maumee River Crossing, lots 12, 12A.

Noble Township —

Mary Batt, co-trustee, et al, to Mary Batt, Sec. 1, 23.046 acres, 20.6 acres.

Estate of Catherine Zimmer to Gregory Rosales, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase 1, lot 243.

William Stevens to Alex Keller, Brunersburg, part lots 36-37.

Eric and Holli Squires to Lance and Karen Postelwaite, Sec. 21, 0.71 acre.

North Richland Township —

Estate of Emma Brandt to Joel Martin, Winchester Hills, lot 3.

Tiffin Township —

Ricky and Julia Hall to Ricky and Julia Hall, Sec. 17, 4 acres split.

Mary Batt, co-trustee, et al, to Madonna Conlon, Sec. 35, 40 acres.

Washington Township —

Junella Coolman (dec.), trustee, to Synthia Siler, successor co-trustee, et al, Sec. 25, 3.95 acres.

Cynthia Siler, successor co-trustee, et al, to SBCS Properties, Ltd., Sec. 25, 3.95 acres.

Ney Village —

Estate of Robert Scantlen to Irene Scantlen, auditor's plat, part lots 47, 51.

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