Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Brandon Bryant, 23, Defiance, case manager, and Danielle Vance, 24, Defiance, prevention spec. RA.

Nicholas Montez, 32, Defiance, construction, and Emily Barrett, 33, Defiance, store manager,

Jared Bare, 26, Napoleon, foreman, and Erica Smay, 26, Defiance, credit analyst.

Common pleas court

On the dockets

Clint Tribble, Hicksville, and Jamie Smith, Hicksville. Dissolution of marriage.

Jared Cline Jr., Hicksville, vs. Jamie Cline, Hicksville. Divorce.

Jennifer Wagner, 27629 Elliott Road, vs. Timothy Wagner, 2109 Baltimore Road. Divorce.

Dianna Swartz, 228 Johnson Circle, vs. Steven Swartz, 228 Johnson Circle. Divorce.

Capital One Bank USA, Richmond, Va., vs. Mallena Starr, 1816 Ayersville Ave. Money judgment.

Euler Hermes North American Insurance Company, assignee of WK International Corporation, Owings Mills, Md., vs. Nostalgic Images Inc., 26012 Nostalgic Road. Money judgment.

Greg Parsons, 257 Riverdale Drive, vs. General Motors LLC. Money judgment.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Joshua Busch, 414 Juliet St. Money judgment.

Journal entries

James Bradford, 08709 Ashpacher Road, vs. Mary Bradford, 1810 Wildwood Drive. Both parties granted divorce.

Amanda Veres, Edgerton, and Terry Veres Jr., Bryan. Marriage dissolved.

Stephen Alford, Antwerp, and Kimberly Alford, Antwerp. Marriage dissolved.

David Avina, 192 Wilson St., vs. Boes Management Corp., Paulding. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Capital One Bank USA, Richmond, Va., vs. Justin Cupp, 15901 Ohio 66. Case dismissed with prejudice.

Dustin Blake, address unavailable, vs. Amber Blake, address unavailable. Case dismissed.

Real Estate Transfers

Adams Township —

Doris Beck (dec.) to Helen Bare et al, Sec. 3, 16.63 acres, 40 acres, 25 acres.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Fort Winchester LLC to Perry and Fifth Properties LLC, First Add. and Vacated Canal Land, part lot 7, block 4.

Ros Mansel-Pleydell to Joshua Mansel-Pleydell, Hill and Myers Add., part lots 18-20.

Michelle McMillen and Jared Blinsky to Michael and Marcia McMillen, South Defiance Add., lot 173.

Michelle McMillen and Jared Blinsky to Michael and Marcia McMillen, South Defiance Add., lot 173.

Wendy Kinder, executrix for the estate of Benjamin R. Kinder to Charles Dulanye, Krtoz Add. to South Defiance, lot 4, part lot 5.

Dustin and Janelle Lucas to Alexis Ramirez, Baringer's Third Add., lot 22.

Carol Jacob (dec.), trustee, to Denice Kimberly, successor trustee, Village of Berkshire, lot 16, lot 16.

Denice Kimberly, successor trustee, to Samuel and Gretchen Strausbaugh, Village of Berkshire, lot 16.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Larry and Joyce Plummer to Michelle Detwiler, trustee, Plummer Second Add., lot 2.

Defiance Ward 3 —

Scott McDonald and Darby Naton to Thomas Thomas, Holgate's Add. to North Defiance, lot 6.

Peter Cates to Peter Cates and Karen Morella, Southworth's Add., lot 15.

Defiance Ward 4 —

John and Linda Lero, trustees, to Brian and Elizabeth Morey, Highland Park Add., lot 18.

Nikole and Mark Gaerte to Deborah Price, Auditor's Plat of Lots East of Auglaize River, part lot 3.

Charles and Kathy Conley to Darshankumar and Jamie Panchal, C.E. Bronson's Add., lot 85.

Rose Jordan et al to Okie Davis, Auditor's Plat of Ottawa Terrace, lot 28.

Christopher and Lauri Schlosser to Bonnie and Tristan Sanders, Sherwood Forest Sub. Second Add., lot 56.

DG Investments XII, LLC, to Realty Income Properties 18, LLC, Knapp & Hay's Add., lots 10, 15-17; part lots 8-9, 11-14.

Guadalupe Andonegui to Moses Andonegui, East View Add., lots 229-232.

Delaware Township —

Steve Wise (dec.) to Belinda Wise, Sec. 23, 10.478 acres, 5.198 acres.

George Colburn to Damion Colburn, Sec. 24, 5.447 acres, 13.09 acres.

Sherwood Village —

Bruce Holifield (dec.) to Korene Holifield, Noneman's Sub., lot 5.

Korene Holifield to Hank Sinn et al, Noneman's Sub., lot 5.

Farmer Township —

V & A Heisler, LLC, to Zachariah Ankney, Sec. 13, 5.193 acres.

John and Rebecca McGuire to John and Rebecca McGuire, trustees, Sec. 16, 6.245 acres.

Estate of George Renz to Larry Renz et al, Sec. 35, 80 acres, 40 acres; Sec. 36, 38.362 acres, 38 acres.

Hicksville Village —

Estate of James Harry Wroblewski Sr. to Ronald Wheeler, Auditor's Plat, lot 104.

Jerry and Carol Gambrell to Terry and Rebecca Gilbert, Hattery's Add., lot 22.

Brian and Jacqueline Snider to Salvador Avalos, Edgerton's Third Add., lot 2, part lot 3.

Hicksville Township —

John and Linda Lindquist to Bryce and Faith Trumper, Sec. 9, 5.37 acres.

Estate of Tim Eugene Betts Sr. to Collette Betts, trustee, Sec. 28, 36.89 acres, 117.99 acres; Sec. 29, 81.478 acres; Sec. 33, 9.159 acres; Sec. 34, 16.851 acres.

Jackson Strubing (dec.) to Joyce Strubing, Sec. 33, 2 acres.

Joyce Strubing (dec.) to John and Joyce Birkhold, trustees, Sec. 33, 2 acres.

Highland Township —

Steven Lenhart to Olivia Slates et al, Sec. 98, 3.33 acres.

Mark Township —

Estate of George Renz to Larry Renz, et al, Sec. 2, 54.077 acres; Sec. 11, 38.002 acres.

Linda Ayers to Rachael Thompson, Sec.13, 0.512 acre, 1.023 acre.

Craig Schwarzbek and Melissa Baker to Patrick McCloskey, Sec. 15, 2 acres, 1 acre.

A. David and Carolyn Kuntz to Morgan Fedderke, Sec. 35, 1 acre.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

Bruce Krill to Bruce Krill et al, trustees, Sec. 1, 5.247 acres.

Marvin and Janelle Weber to Angels' Holdings LLC, Sec. 7, 41.42 acres.

Defiance City NELSD —

David and Anne Gregory to Kent Tietje, Kettenring Hills, lot 27.

North Richland Township —

Eric and Jeanette Spiller to Aaron and Dayna Kirk, Independence, lot 12, part lot 13.

Tiffin Township —

Nellie Ziegler et al to James and Jennifer Gares, Sec. 15, 12.711 acres (split).

Washington Township —

Estate of George Renz to Larry Renz, trustee, et al, Sec. 31, 50.32 acres.

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