Defiance County

Marriage licenses

James Smith, 25, Ney, general manager, and Lauren Kraemer, 23, Ney, unemployed.

John Griteman, 33, Fort Wayne, Ind., banker, and Laura Britton, 35, Fort Wayne, Ind., behavior analyst.

Matthew Hahn, 33, Defiance, foreman, and Courtney Fuller, 30, Defiance, teacher.

Trey Guilliam, 26, Huntersville, N.C., operations associate, and Keir Leatherman, 25, Huntersville, N.C., childcare provider.

John Miner II, 26, Defiance, restaurant manager, and Taylor Schultz, 30, Defiance, hair stylist.

Brian Scott, 56, Defiance, salesman, and Susan Wiles, 57, Defiance, financial analyst.

Andrew Smith, 32, Defiance, unemployed, and Angela Duncan, 34, North Baltimore, laborer.

Christopher Church, 30, Defiance, dump truck worker, and Nicole Altaffer, 33, Defiance, service writer.

Common pleas

On the dockets

State Bank and Trust Co., 401 Clinton St., vs. Martin Spangler, Ney; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Jennifer Rhodes, Hicksville, vs. Brandon Rhodes, Westville, Ind. Divorce.

Capital One Bank USA, Richmond, Va., vs. Jordan Helton, Evansport. Money judgment.

Terry Bowers, Hicksville, and Amber Bowers, Hickville. Dissolution of marriage.

Shelbyalynn Krontz, Oakwood, vs. Zachary Krontz, 923 Asa St. Divorce.

Michael Vance, 1049 Wayne Ave., and Tesla Vance, 613 Dakota Place. Dissolution of marriage.

Defiance County treasurer vs. Samuel Graber, Hicksville; unknown spouse, if any, of Samuel Graber, Hicksville; unknown tenants, Hicksville; and Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus. Foreclosure.

Jordan Belcher, 1301 Byrnwyck Court, and Michael Belcher II, Pueblo, Colo. Dissolution of marriage.

Paulette Frederick, Sherwood, vs. Dennis Frederick, 21511 Ohio 637. Divorce.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. William Herald, 14516 Dohoney Road. Money judgment.

Renee Zamora, 19619 Blosser Road, and Robert Zamora Jr., Wellington, Colo. Dissolution of marriage.

Journal entries

Alberta Badman, Fort Wayne, Ind., vs. Sean Martin, Mark Center. Case dismissed with prejudice.

Onemain Financial Group LLC, Evansville, Ind., vs. Randy Miller, 14428 Singer Road. Plaintiff granted judgment.

Christoper Friedhoff, 14716 Ohio 111, vs. Pamela Friedhoff, Pico Rivera, Calif. Divorce granted.

Daniel Starr, 1816 Ayersville Ave., and Mallena Starr, 539 Bunn St. Marriage dissolved.

Amy Gillespie, Hicksville, and Anthony Gillespie, Hicksville. Marriage dissolved.

Laurie Burke, address unavailable, vs. Joshua Reed, address unavailable. Case dismissed.

Kable Derrow, 905 Leon St., vs. Erin Derrow, 1603 Hampton Ave. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Real estate transfers

Defiance Ward 1 —

Estate of Helen Fenter to Jason and Gayle Fenter, Holgate's Second Add. Block 2, part lots 9-10.

Jacquline Brown to Ozzy Finnegan, South Defiance Add., lot 199.

Gary and Sylvia Koester to Paul and Laura Hamot, Village of Berkshire, lot 15.

Estate of Mary Lee Gibson to Paul Perdue, Auditor's Plat Lots Between the Maumee and Auglaize Rivers, part lot 93.

Defiance Ward 4 —

Rodolfo Sr. and Norberto Tijerina to Rodolfo Tijerina Jr., Chalat Place Add., lot 12.

Garnalee Gineman to Katie Green, CP Starks Revised First Add., lot 9.

Tri-Mac Enterprises LLC to Abel and Erica Salazar, Sec. 36, 2.436 acres.

Lee Randall et al to Lionel and Angela Hurd, Sec. 1, 4.13 acres.

Defiance Township —

Kristi Parsons to Kristi Parsons et al, Sec. 2, 5.2 acres.

Barbara Guilliam, trustee, to Chris Steiner, successor trustee, Webb's River View Add., lot 12.

Sherwood Village —

Kolbie Wirth et al to 2 KS Flip N Properties LLC, Auditor's Plat, part lot 88.

Robert and Sheryl Murphy to Frank and Misty Boardwine, Miller and Others Add., lot 60.

Defiance County Sheriff Doug Engel to The Sherwood State Bank, Miller and Others Add., part lot 6, lot 7.

Hicksville Village —

Bailey Long to Joshua and Chelsey Yoder, West Arthur Street, Unit 1, Family Unit #324.

Eddie Huston (dec.) to Rexann Tunis, Auditor's Plat, part lots 280, 307.

Hicksville Township —

Todd Sanders to Todd and Jodi Sanders, Sec. 9, 0.902 acre.

Jeffrey and Kathy Green to Michael and Mary Green, Sec. 16, 1.489 acres (split).

Highland Township —

Roy MacDonald (dec.) to Janice Collins-MacDonald, Sec. 14, 2.24 acres.

Dorothy Okuley (dec.) to Nelson Okuley, Sec. 16, 20 acres.

Milford Twp.-Hicksville EVSD —

Francis Commisso to Teresa Diamente, Sec. 28, 5.013 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD —

Abraham and Margaret Flores to Natasha Flores, Wemor Park Add., part lots 57-58.

Steven and Tamara Elwood to Amanda Rakes, Wooded Acres, Plat 1, lot 28.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City/NELSD —

Sherrie and Kenny Choi, trustees, to Rachidi II LLC, Sec. 14, 0.689 acre.

BSJF Properties Ltd. to Bernard Shock, River Edge Condos, Unit 383.

Noble Township —

Colt Clark et al to Emily Clark, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase I, lot 45.

Emily Clark to Wesley Taylor et al, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase I, lot 45.

Defiance City-NELSD —

Hayco & Associates Inc. to Brandon and Tera Newton, Kettenring Hills First Add., part lot 21 (split).

Hayco & Associates Inc. to Deer Creek Condominium Owners' Association, Kettenring Hills First Add., part lot 21 (after split).

Karla McDonel to Edith Ott, trustee, River Crossing Condos Building H, unit 763.

North Richland Township —

Cynthia Blevins et al to Everett Wilkerson, Sec. 11, 20 acres.

Rosalie Harris (dec.) to Jeffery Harris et al, Sec. 16, 7.091 acres, 73.499 acres.

Tiffin Township —

Richard Nihiser (dec.) to Doll Nihiser, Sec. 11, 14.194 acres.

Washington Township —

Derek and MaKayla Murphy to Quinton Love, Sec. 34, 1.5 acres.

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