Defiance County

Marriage licenses

David Laney, 32, Fort Wayne, space management, and Laura Silvers, 24, Fort Wayne, pharmacy technician.

Jerry Mills, 26, Hicksville, laborer, and Whitney LaBounty, 37, Hicksville, laborer.

Michael Gaylord, 32, Defiance, restaurant manager, and Heather Rapp, Defiance, registered nurse.

Common pleas

On the dockets

Courtney Matthews-Sims, Hicksville, vs. James Sims Jr., Hicksville. Divorce.

Roger Eckart, Nobleton, Fla., vs. Ryan and Hollie Fairchild, 828 Riverside Ave. Money judgment.

Heath Wilson, 614 Gibson St., and Amanda Wilson, 4316 W. Rolling Meadows Blvd. Dissolution of marriage.

Jennifer Gerschutz, 1545 Westgate Drive, and Mark Gerschutz, 1545 Westgate Drive. Dissolution of marriage.

Pekin Insurance Co., Oklahoma City, Okla., vs. Saul Lopez-Rocha, 664 Wayne Ave.; and Luis Lopez, 664 Wayne Ave. Money judgment.

Jennifer Branham, 211 W. Pinewood Ave., vs. David Branham, Belmont, Miss. Domestic violence civil protection order.

Heather Gears, 16540 Mud Creek Road, and James Gears, 16540 Mud Creek Road. Dissolution of marriage.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, West Valley, Utah, vs. Mark Shull, 381 Wilson St.; unknown spouse, if any, of Mark Shull, 381 Wilson St.; DB Hil 2015 Trust, Dallas, Texas; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Jeremy Smith, 04359 Evansport Road, vs. Davis Construction and Remodeling, LLC, 316 Tacoma Ave.; and Andrew Davis, 316 Tacoma Ave. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Della Celestino, Defiance, vs. General Motors Co., Lexington, Ky.; and Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Columbus. Case dismissed with prejudice.

U.S. Bank National Association, Owensboro, Ky., vs. Jennifer Gruenhagen, 410 Biede Ave.; unknown spouse, if any, of Jennifer Gruenhagen, 410 Biede Ave.; and Defiance County treasurer. Decree in foreclosure.

Barbara Fedderke, Stryker, and William Fedderke, Evansport. Marrige dissolved.

Tristan Sanders, 1119 Wilhelm St., and Michelle Sanders, 1119 Wilhelm St. Marriage dissolved.

Branden Adkins, Continental, and Rachelle Adkins, 15734 Painter Road. Marriage dissolved.

Amy Kruse, Napoleon, and Scott Kruse, 29608 Allen Road. Marriage dissolved.

Rachel Levan, address unavailable, vs. Wayne Levan, Middle Point. Divorce granted.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Amy Kruse to Scott Kruse, Sec. 14, 1.5 acres.

Ward 1 —

RT Wichman Properties, Ltd., to Rio Tinto, LLC, original plat, part lots 85-86.

Fannie Mae to Okie Davis, Charles Miller's Add. block 1, lot 5.

BRSPCO, LLC, to Hughes Southside, LLC, South Defiance Add., part lot I.

Joshua and Abby Ryan to Deanna Hernandez, May et al Add., lot 11.

Estate of Dana Hudnall to Lee Ann Hudnall, Ritchies Riverview Add., lot 8.

Jennifer Froelich to Rebecca Mossoney et al, Village of Berkshire, lot 9.

Ward 2 —

BRSPCO, LLC, to Hughes Southside, LLC, Warren et al Add., part lots 21-22, 44, lot 27.

Richard Grunden (dec.) to Kendra Smith, Warren et al Add., part lots 33-34.

Danielle Sheppard et al to D.T. Johnson, Ottley et al Add., part lots 7-8.

Scott and Jennifer Cupps to Lacey Byrd et al, Vandenbroek's Add., lot 6.

Ward 4 —

Daymark Trustee, LLC, to VCF III Mortage Loan Trust II, Highland Park Add., lot 27.

Richard and Patricia Leskow to Amy Rasnake, Biede Place Add., lot 65.

Inez Lowe to Michael Klinger, Biede Place Add., lot 180.

DJZ Properties, LLC, to Jonathan Heffner, Oak Park Add., lot 21, part lot 22.

Estate of James Sunderman to Kevin and Lori Froelich, Sherwood Forest Sub., lot 37.

Veronica Estrada et al to Omar Estrada, Fairview Add., lots 54-55.

Defiance Township —

Sarah Schafer (dec.) to Teresa Heller, Sec. 1, 40 acres.

Joseph Steel to Jevin Armbruster, Sec. 2, 3.772 acres.

Sheila Vincent to Board of Commissioners of Defiance County, Melia Sub., lot 1.

Delaware Township —

Estate of Cecile Plummer to Stykemain Holdings, Ltd., Sec. 25, 0.744 acre split.

Richard Ankney (dec.) to Mary Ankney, Sec. 35, 80 acres.

Sherwood Village —

Connie Starkey to Francine McKinney, Shook's Add., lots 15-16.

Hicksville Village —

Robby McCain et al to Robby McCain et al, Bunnell's Second Add., lots 29-30.

Defiance County Sheriff Douglas Engel to The Hicksville Bank, Edgerton's First Add., part lot 31.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mary Cisneros, Edgerton's Outlets, part lots 11-12.

Shawn and Savanaha Sharp to Michael and Beth Patterson, Edgerton's Second Add., lot 85.

Mark and Melissa Yoder to William and Lisa Sheets, Ronnie's Add., part lot 13, lot 14; auditor's plat, part lot 55.

Hicksville Township —

Jeremiah Kemerer to Shawn and Savanaha Sharp, Sec.1, 0.773 acre.

David Levy (dec.) to Mary Levy, Sec. 4, 7.874 acres.

James and Theresa Calvin to Jeffrey Relyea et al, Sec. 6, 2.376 acres split.

Storm Levy to Mary Levy, Sec. 20, 1 acre.

Highland Township —

Martha Wolfrum to John Wolfrum et al, Sec. 2, 0.571 acre.

Defiance County Sheriff Douglas Engel to Paragon Properties and Renovations, LLC, Sec. 15, 1.348 acres.

Gerry Schlachter to Jody Schlachter et al, Sec. 16, 1.844 acres, 38.156 acres, 20 acres, 18.514 acres; Sec. 17, 20 acres.

Mark Township —

James Potter to Michael and Michele Zeedyk, Sec. 19, 20.94 acres.

James Potter to Rex and Roxanne Bassett, Sec. 20, 18.542 acres.

Kevin Lockwood to Bruce and Patricia Hart, Village of Mark Center block 11, lot 6, part lot 7.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

Cletus Herman et al to Cletus and Rita Herman, Sec. 9, 1.129 acres.

Milford Twp.-Hicksville EVSD —

Mark Biery to Mark and Lisa Biery, Sec. 29, 1 acre.

Defiance City-Noble Twp. —

Rosemary Stork (dec.) to Michael Stork et al, Wooded Acres Estates Phase 1, lot 10.

Noble Township —

Katherine Voss to Ashleigh Edmonson-Hayward et al, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase 1, lot 29.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

Estqte of Edison Beckett to Debarah Rucker, Engelwood Extension, lot 43.

Samantha Salinas to Louis Salinas II, Engelwood Add., lots 11-12.

North Richland Township —

Jaxson Enterprises, Ltd., to Greg Imes, Winchester Hills, lots A, B, part lot C.

Greg Imes to APB Real Estate Holdings, Inc., lots A, B, part lot C.

South Richland Township —

Lawrence Derge to Lawrence and Denise Derge, Sec. 28, 0.552 acre.

Tiffin Township —

Chong Phillips to Paul and Marlene Font, Shuter's Add., lot 12.

Washington Township —

Nicholas Jr. and Barbara Kozumplik to Nicholas Jr. and Barbara Kozumplik, Sec. 5, 1.11 acres; Sec. 18, 2 acres.

Phyllis Masser to Issac and Krista Ankney, Sec. 20, 2.97 acres.

Joseph Geber to Derek Snyder, Sec. 34, 5.014 acres.

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