Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Michael Fackler, 32, Defiance, general laborer, and Krista Gray, 40, Defiance, labeler.

Anthony Beldon,35, Edgerton, federal firefighter, and Kayla Brown, 31, Edgerton, payroll specialist.

Zakkety Witte, 21, Ney, laborer, and Sierra Johnson, 19, Ney, laborer.

Scott Zeller, 32, Defiance, supervisor, and Octavia Carroll, 26, Defiance, sales.

Brendan Boyd, 21, Defiance, salesman, and Megan Drenning, 21, Defiance, STNA registration.

Connor Vance, 23, Defiance, desk clerk, and Deanna Parker, 22, Defiance, child service caseworker.

Michael Belcher, 30, Defiance, material handler, and Jordan Wagner, 29, Defiance, professor.

Jessica Randall, 40, Hicksville, water superintendent, and Mardi Lee, 46, Hicksville, stay-at-home mother.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Tiffany Kunz, 1717 Woodhurst Drive; and Claudia Roberts, 512 Pontiac Drive, vs. Michael Eitniear, Bryan; and State Farm Mutual Insurance Company, Bloomington, Ill. Money judgment.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Troy, Mich., vs. Natasha Schlacter, Sherwood; unknown spouse of Natasha Schlachter, Sherwood; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Rebeccah Dix, 1677 Mystic Cove; Evalyn Cruz, a minor, by and through her mother, next friend, 1677 Mystic Cove; Liana Cruz, a minor, by and through her mother, next friend, 1677 Mystic Cove; and Miguel Minor III, a minor, by and through her mother, next friend, 1677 Mystic Cove, vs. Lori Aganon, 727 1/2 Westwood Drive; and Trexis Insurance, Franklin, Tenn. Money judgment.

Defiance County treasurer vs. Elizabeth Bott, 425 Carter Ave.; and unknown spouse of Elizabeth Bott, 425 Carter Ave. Foreclosure.

Chelsea Canonico, Defiance, vs. Erik James, Hicksville. Foreign support.

Matthew Ayers, Sherwood, and Amanda Ayers, Ney. Dissolution of marriage.

Citibank, Sioux Falls, S.D., vs. Chantel Arnold, Hicksville. Money judgment.

Monica Bertwell, Cecil, vs. Jimmie Laney, Bryan. Foreign support.

Dillon Kochel, 623 Hopkins St., and Heather Kochel, 401 Summit St. Dissolution of marriage.

Journal entries

David Rittenhouse, 21455 Banner School Road, and Jacquelyn Rittenhouse, Napoleon. Marriage dissolved.

Chelsey Yeasley, 313 Aspen Terrace, and Kurt Yeasley Jr., Bowling Green. Divorce granted.

Jackie Roehrig, 127 Prospect St., vs. Paul Roehrig III, 423 Nicholas St. Case dismissed without prejudice.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Westerville, vs. Santos Ramirez Jr., Harlingen, Texas; unknown spouse of Santos Ramirez Jr., Harlingen, Texas; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; Riehle Constrution LLC, Edgerton; Hi-Tech Foundations Systems, Bryan; and Defiance County treasurer. Judgment of default and foreclosure.

Cavalry SPV I LLC, Columbus, vs. Ronald Stuber, 1733 Ayersville Ave. Judgment for plaintiff.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Joseph and Theresa Stykemain to Patrick and Mary Imber, Sec. 16, 40.277 acres.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Kathryn Schweitzer (dec.) to Theresa Bishop et al, Crossen et al, part lot A.

Roy III and Daphne Swearingen to Joshua and Ashlyn Killion, Hoffman Add., lot 60.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Steven and Kelly Grube to Kelly Grube, Holgate's First Add. Sub. B, lot 7, part lot 92; Holgate's First Add. Sub. B-B, lot 8; Holgate's First Add. Block 5.

David Taylor to Brianna Bowley, Vandenbroek's Add., part lot 17, lot 18.

Defiance Ward 4 —

Joan Hesselschwardt (dec.) to Nancy Snyder, East Defiance Add., lot 141.

myCUmortgage LLC to T & T Nam LLC, East Defiance Add., part lot 92.

Joseph Sr. and Shirley Cramer, trustees, to Aerial Rhoads, Kahlo's First Add., lot 1, part lot 2.

Defiance Township —

Joshua and Ashlyn Killion to Robert and Brandi Richmond, Sec. 5, 5.028 acres.

Daniel Steingass to Jacob and Lea Wathen, Sec. 16, 0.417 acre split.

Jacob and Lea Wathern to Daniel Steingass, Sec. 16, 0.417 acre split.

Delaware Township —

Mary Singer (dec.), trustee, to Gerald Singer et al, trustee, Sec. 11 120 acres.

Gerald Singer (dec.), trustee, to Edward Singer, successor trustee, Sec. 11, 120 acres.

Edward Singer, trustee, to Todd and Tara Shininger, Sec. 11, 120 acres.

Odell Peak II to Kayla and Steve Mullins, Sec. 33, 1.833 acres.

Sherwood Village —

Harvey Boyce (dec.) to Janice Boyce, auditor's plat, part lot 4.

Farmer Township —

Harry Bowers Jr. to Christopher and Cherie Kimpel, Sec. 7, 2.07 acres.

Belinda and Jeffrey Robertson to Trevor and Kristine Manning, Sec. 16, 8.006 acre split.

Hicksville Village —

U.S. Bank Trust National Association to John Miller, Bunnell's Second Add., lots 27-28.

Gary Miller (dec.) to Cheryl Miler, Clearview Sub., lot 42.

Cheryl Miller to Robert II and Brooke Woodard, Clearview Sub., lot 42.

HHD Inc. to Village of Hicksville, Clearview Sub., lots 57-105, 110, 112-115.

HHD Inc. to Nicholas and Jessica Slattery, Clearview Sub., lots 116-117.

Linda Ray to PDM Rentals LLC, Maple Lane Sub., lot 14.

Lisa Wulff to Steven and Mindy Bobay, auditor's plat, part lot 274.

Hicksville Township —

Barry and Larry Haver to Village of Hicksville, Sec. 17, 53.334 acres.

Highland Township —

William and Robin Riley to Carrie Kent et al, Sec. 28, 1.5 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD —

Scott and Jennifer Cupps to David Saylor, Wemor Park Add., lot 4.

David and Jackie Saylor to Jennifer Bush, Wemor Park Add., lot 4.

Noble Township _

Steven and Kelly Grube to Kelly Grube, Sec. 3, 51.476 acres; Sec. 10, 52.691 acres, River Chase Phase II, lots 10, 12.

Steven and Kelly Grube to Champions Club of Defiance LLC, Sec. 3, 7 acres.

Frederick and Carol Schuette to Shawn Schuette et al, Sec. 11, 70 acres, 5 acres, 5 acres.

Brock Lime et al to Eric Nicely, Noble Heights Residential Community Phase III, lot X.

North Richland Township —

Michael and Teresa Bishop to Michael Bishop, Sec. 10, 20.005 acres.

Tiffin Township —

Gavin Vitek to Kayla Matney, Evansport Original Plat, lot 18.

Washington Township —

Mary Singer (dec.), trustee, to Gerald Singer et al, trustee, Sec. 26, 40 acres.

Gerald Singer (dec.), trustee to Edward Singer, successor trustee, Sec. 26, 40 acres.

William Stuckman (dec.) to Cynthia Hicks, successor co-trustees, et al, Sec. 30, 71.46 acres, 104.12 acres.

Ney Village —

Estate of Nelson Carder (dec.) to Luann Denoi et al, Batt's Add. Sub. 1, lots A-C, E-F, J.

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