Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Adam Baker, 35, Defiance, self-employed, and Marlene Bradley, 27, Defiance, registered nurse.

Joshua Putt, 29, Garrett, Ind., retail manager, and Tia Gloor, 23, Hicksville, teacher.

Antony Negrin, 24, Defiance, salesman, and Ashton Ooten-Prichard, 23, Defiance, dental assistant.

Ronnie Desota, 39, Defiance, operator, and Amber Link, 36, Defiance, class tech.

Tyler Fockler, 33, Defiance, sales, and Colleen Wiseman, 32, Defiance, admin. officer.

Mason Simonin, 29, Paulding, construction, and Victoria Vega, 22, Defiance, health unit coordinator.

Justyn Hines, 25, Indianapolis, tire tech., and Marissa Royal, 25, Indianapolis, student.

Devin Hankey, 23, Sherwood, maintenance, and Hailey Henderson, 22, Sherwood, production worker.

Wyatt Herman, 27, Hicksville, welder, and Meagan Johns, 23, Hicksville, unemployed.

Aaron Roberts, 32, Defiance, manufacture supervisor, and Sarah Koenig, 28, Defiance, physician assistant.

James Branham, 59, Defiance, retired, and and Stephanie Heller, 52, Fort Wayne, administrative.

Douglas Ritchie, 38, Dexter, Mich., pharmacist, and Michelle Kempe, 30, Dexter, Mich., lawyer.

Kyle Schwiebert, 32, Defiance, machine assembly, and Stephanie Miller, 28, Defiance, accounts payable clerk.

Terry Bowers, 31, Hicksville, general laborer, and Amber Speaker, 26, Hicksville, general laborer.

Jacob Blackburn, 23, Sherwood, production, and Megan Garza, 23, Sherwood, compliance.

Nicholas Hackworth, 22, Defiance, deli worker, and Janelda Kleman, 27, Defiance, sales associate.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Barbara Fischer-Rittner, Cleveland, vs. David Rittner, Archbold. Divorce.

Cody Dix, 07640 Ohio 15, and Ashley Dix, Findlay. Dissolution of marriage.

Angela Commisso, 01859 Christy Road, vs. Douglas Commisso, 01859 Christy Road. Divorce.

Whitney Flotkoetter, Hicksville, and Jordan Flotkoetter, Coldwater, Mich. Dissolution of marriage.

Julie Shook, 30857 Nagel Road, vs. Joseph Clarke, Toledo; and Law Office of Joseph Clarke Ltd., Toledo. Money judgment.

Allstate Fire Casualty Insurance Co., Roanoke, Va., vs. Daryl Davis, Auburn, Ind. Money judgment.

U.S. Bank National Association, West Valley, Utah, vs. Penny Blake (dec.), unknown heirs at law, devisees, legatees, executors and administrators of Penny Blake; unknown spouse, if any, of Penny Blake, 892 S. Clinton St.; Citimortgage Inc., Columbus; Springcastle American Funding Trust, Columbus; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; Pulmonary & Critical Care, Maumee; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Salomon Villagomez IV, 2081 Royal Oak Ave., vs. Nicholas Schlosser, 1940 Redwood Drive. Petition for civil stalking protection order.

Lynnette Siegel, Sherwood, vs. Kenneth Siegel, Amherst. Divorce.

Journal entries

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Christopher Kaiser, 1175 Anthony Wayne Blvd. Default judgment for plaintiff.

Amerifinancial Corporation, Portage, Mich., vs. Abraham Dominique, Ney; unknown spouse of Abraham Dominique, Ney; and Defiance County treasurer. Decree in foreclosure.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Virginia Congleton, Hicksville. Plaintiff granted judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., vs. Sandra Mocherman, Ney. Plaintiff granted judgment.

Real estate transfers

Defiance Ward 1 —

Estate of Kelly Baumle to Michael Thompson, South Defiance, part lot 111 and vacated alley.

Harold Suman to J&R Properties Defiance LLC, South Defiance Add., lot 148.

Estate of Maryann Bakle to Kyle Cooper, lots between Maumee and Auglaize rivers, part lot 132.

Mad-Alex LLC to Wanderlust Holdings Ltd., lots between Maumee and Auglaize rivers, part lot 108.

Michael and Jayne Roessner to DAH Holdings Ltd., Forest Hills Add., lot 2.

Defiance Ward 3 —

Lucille Mealer et al to Rosemary Bryant, Northfield Add., lot 78.

HomeLenders LLC to Randal and Delores Skiver, Hartzog's Northside Allotment, lot 4.

Defiance Ward 4 —

James and Carol Iler to Mary Relue, Lakota Hills Sub. Phase 7, lots 101-102.

Helen Mast to Andrew Brown, East Defiance Add., lot 14.

Daniel Vance (dec.) to Bobbie Vance, Burkmehr Sub., lot 4.

Farmer Township —

Lewis Leppelmeier to Janice Leppelmeier, co-trustees, et al, Sec. 16, 42.751 acres split, 35.83 acres split; Sec. 16, 68 acres, 25.84 acres.

Jay Leppelmeier to Jay and Linda Leppelmeier, Sec. 16, 42.751 acres, 35.83 acres; Sec. 16, 68 acres, 25.84 acres.

Ray Leppelmeier to Ray and Robin Leppelmeier, Sec. 16, 42.751 acres split, 35.83 acres split; Sec. 16, 68 acres, 25.84 acres.

Franceska Imber (dec.) to Cynthia Langham et al, Sec. 31, 146.56 acres.

Hicksville Village —

George Gubernath Jr. to Robert Gubernath, Evenheat Meadows Sub., lot 7.

Hicksville Township —

Franceska Imber (dec.) to Cynthia Langham et al, Sec. 1, 35.405 acres.

Highland Township —

Brian and Maria Berry to Shane Miller, Sec. 7, 0.516 acre.

William Meyer et al to William Meyer, trustee, Sec. 8, 158.38 acres.

John and Carissa Kost to Dylan Potter, Sec. 15, 0.48 acre.

Milford Twp.-Edgerton LSD —

James and Janet Hitchcock to James and Janet Hitchcock, trustees, Sec. 1, 1.3 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD —

Peter and Cristine Haines to McKayla and Jason Jackson, Wooded Acres Estates Plat 2, lot 22.

North West Ohio Development Company LLC to Michael Frosch, Stonegate Condos II, unit 231.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City NELSD —

Jeanette Dimock, trustee, to Brian Bostelman, Hacienda Heights Add., lot 9.

Defiance City-Ayersville/DCSD —

Betty Whitaker (dec.) to David Whitaker, Zimmerman's First Add., lot 6.

David Whitaker to Robert Whitaker et al, Zimmerman's First Add., lot 6.

Linda Wagner to Christopher Wagner et al, Miller-Snyder Add., lot 337.

Tiffin Township —

Adam and Trisha Marton to Ryan and Heidi Nunn, original plat of Evansport, lot 86.

Washington Township —

Gary and Barbara Arnos to Gary and Barbara Arnos, trustees, Sec. 5, 4.602 acres.

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