Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Dale Sandleben, 61, Defiance, engineer, and Carine Wolkiewicz, 62, Holgate, retired.

Daniel Baus, 20, Bryan, aircraft mechanic, and Mercy Gerity, 21, Delta, unemployed.

Craig Eickmeier, 23, Defiance, security, and Faith Speck, 21, Defiance, unemployed.

Nina Schwartz, 40, Hicksville, disabled, and Arin VanHorn, 38, Hicksville, disabled.

Daniel Mendoza, 37, Defiance, assembly worker, and Monica Avelar, 25, Defiance, unemployed.

Romeo Rogers, 23, Jackson Ave., unemployed, and Paige Garza, 23, Jackson, Mich., case manager.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

William and Sarah Whitaker, Ney, vs. Trust Bank, successor to BB&T Mortgage c/o Corporation Services Company, West Columbia, S.C. Money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. Jesse Reid, Hicksville. Money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Va., vs. Tasha Holifield, 85 Lakeview Drive. Money judgment.

Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va., vs. Anthony Suffel, 1690 Cross Creek Lane. Money judgment.

Sherry Miller, 728 Hopkins St., and Earl Miller, address unavailable. Dissolution of marriage.

Journal entries

Martha Romes, 609 Euclid Ave., vs. Dennis Romes, Cecil. Divorce granted.

Carmel Castillo, 1129 Jefferson Ave., vs. Desarea Castillo, Waterloo, Ind. Divorce granted.

Morgan Smith, c/o Hillsborough County Child Support, Tampa, Fla., vs. James Dunn III, 15119 Maumee Drive. Duty of support found.

Bank of America NA, Newark, Del., vs. Daniel Stottlemyer, 30316 New Bavaria Road. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Defiance County treasurer vs. Nicole Kelley, 17569 Ohio 18; unknown spouse, if any, of Nicole Kelley, 17569 Ohio 18; and Samuel Kelley, 19619 Bloser Road. Judgment of foreclosure.

Joshua Lucas, 356 Koerber Drive, vs. Brenda Lucas, Belleville, Mich. Divorce granted.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Gene and Christie Shock to Amanda Westrick, Sec. 20, 1.385 acres.

Mary Young to Jami Young, trustee, Sec. 31, 2.5 acres, 0.393 acre.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Ian Weber et al to Ryan Soukup et al, Original Plat, part lots 11-12.

Mark and Amy Haver to City of Defiance, Ohio, Original Plat, part lot 99, part lot 99.

Estate of Carol L. Bohn to David and Erica Castillo, Jefferson Terrace Add., part lot 8, lot 9.

Linda Dempsey, trustee, to Quick Service Realco, LLC, Jefferson Terrace Add., part lot 299, part lot F, part lot F.

Wendy Kinder, executrix of the Estate of Benjamin R. Kinder, to Daniel Klingshirn et al, Heidepriem Add., part lots 8, 107.

Wendy Kinder to Daniel Klingshirn, Heidepriem Add., Lots Between Maumee and Auglaize and part of vacated alley, part lots 8, 107.

Michael and Sally Armstrong to George and Jeanette Fischer, Lloyd's Second Add., part lot 77, lot 78.

Victor and Betty Overly to Amanda Kennedy, Lloyd's Second Add., part lot 55, part lot 55.

Defiance Ward 3 —

Estate of Madonna M. DeVeaux to Megan Zigler, Northfield Add. Extension, lot 13.

David and Maya Jebb to Christopher Castillo, Lots North of Maumee, lot 39.

Susan Beckwith to Marcia Bellaire, Southworth's Add., lot 14.

Defiance Ward 4 —

David and Susan Nofziger to Angel Nofziger et al, Lakota Hills Sub. Second Add., lot 46.

Robert Fett (dec.) to Diana Fett, Lakota Hills Sub. Second Add., lot 4.

Amanda Miller to Isaac Miller, Powell View Heights Add., lot 22.

Randy Clady to Erin Clady, Powell View Heights Add., lot 61.

Kent Tietje to Zachary and Kelsey Kreischer, Courts of Woodhurst Second Add., part lots 49-50.

Sheron Lee to Scot Lahrmer, trustee, Sherwood Forest, lot 11.

Estate of Ella E. Edwards to Kimberly Limber et al, Sec. 36, 2.569 acres.

Deborah Stuber to Ronald Stuber, Cottage Park Add., lots 40-43.

Defiance Township —

Kristen and James Andrews to Kristen Nusbaum, trustee, L. Potts Riverview Add., part lot 3.

Carol Kimmey (dec.) to James Kimmey, Auglaize Pines Extension 1, Revised Plat, part lot 3, lot 4.

Larry and Joyce Plummer to Hermiller Holdings LLC, Sec. 29, 0.919 acre, 2.5 acres.

Farmer Township —

Abram and Mikaela Franzdorf to Brad Sanderson, Auditor's Plat, part lot 4.

Hicksville Village —

Joyce Sanders to Melissa Sleesman et al, Maple Lane Sub., lot 6.

Hicksville Township —

Aaron and Kelly Hopson to Abram and Mikaela Franzdorf, Sec. 4, 0.388 acre.

Jonathan and Gertrude Hahn to Nathan and Janice Seimet, Sec. 7, 1.194 acres.

Truman and Barbara Hill to Rafael III and Audra Manriquez, Sec. 9, 0.866 acre.

Richard and Lisa Sommers to Colin Kirk et al, Sec. 15, 1.803 acres.

Richard and Sandra Blevins to RLG III Properties, LLC, Sec. 19, 2.5 acres, 5 acres, 7.73 acres.

Milford Twp.-Hicksville EVSD —

Cecil Koons et al to Jeremy and Katie Schroeder, Sec. 31, 21.465 acres, 28.925 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD —

Jaxson Enterprises, Ltd., to Lorenso and Amber Delgado, Wooded Acres Plat 2, lots 35-36.

Brandon and Terrin Tiffany to Bryan Foster, University Heights, lot 21.

Noble Township —

Jerry Rauber to Jerry and Elizabeth Rauber, Sec. 9, 5.096 acres.

Joshua and Claire Wright to Arica Castillo, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase 1, lot 77.

Chad and Misty Henry to Matthew Gentit, Christi Meadows Sub. Extension 2, lot 8.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

David and Rhonda Casler to Krieg and Lisa Siwa, Woodlands, lot 25.

Defiance City-NELSD —

Samuel and Gretchen Strausbaugh to Abel and Erica Salazar, Kettenring Hills Sub. First Add., lot 3.

Chris and Erin Linder to Chris Linder, Kettenring Hills Second Add., lot 20, part lot 21, part lot 21.

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union to City of Defiance, Ohio, Kettenring Hills Sub., lot 90.

South Richland Twp.-ALSD —

Wendy Kinder to Made4U Properties, LLC, Sec. 26, 0.692 acre.

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