Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Seth Omlor, 27, Holgate, manufacturing, and Cecelia Smalley, 21, Hicksville, manufacturing.

Michael Saum, 42, Hicksville, labor, and La Tisha Akerman, 31, Hicksville, dietary/aide.

Jack Landskroener, 47, Defiance, factory, and Jennifer Gerschutz, 36, Defiance, sales associate.

Marty Turk, 60, Hicksville, factory, and Brenda Matlock, 49, Angola, Ind., unemployed.

Travis Jenkins, 26, Defiance, general labor, and Loretta Isaacs, 22, Defiance, unemployed.

Dominick Coy, 23, Hicksville, general labor, and Breanna Grant, 22, Hicksville, unemployed.

Edwin Collazo, 66, Defiance, retired, and Norma Martinez, 54, Defiance, inventory tech.

Common pleas court

On the dockets

Michael Sigman, 1688 Durango Drive, and Autumn Starr, Antwerp. Dissolution of marriage.

Cory Orta, 1900 Sherwood Drive, vs. Robert Orta, 1900 Sherwood Drive. Divorce.

Journal entries

Jazmin Reynolds, address unavailable, vs. Cole Reynolds, 613 Village Lane. Divorce granted.

Joyce Krupka, Hicksville, vs. Clinton Krupka, Las Vegas, Nev. Each party granted divorce.

The Sherwood State Bank, Sherwood, vs. Mark Winnie, Sherwood; and Defiance County treasurer. Case dismissed without prejudice.

John Sliwinski, 20372 Cromley Road, and Heather Sliwinski, Pemberville. Marriage dissolved.

Janell Stuckey, 23694 Allen Road, and Charles Stuckey, 23694 Allen Road. Marriage dissolved.

Vick Lilly, Hicksville, vs. Jeffrey Ruoff, Hicksville. Defendant's motion for summary judgment granted.

Derrick Moninger, 08816 Trinity Road, vs. Lois Moss, Mark Center. Divorce granted.

Ronnie Gebhart, 18399 Ohio 18, vs. General Motors LLC, c/o Corporation Service Co., Columbus. Case dismissed with prejudice.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Thomas Bostelman (dec.) to Betty Bostelman, Sec. 22, 0.671 acre.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Defiance School District Board of Education to City of Defiance, Ohio, Bouton et al Add., Block 10, part lot B, 3.837 acres (split), 0.362 acre (split).

Timothy and Harmony Downing to Donald and Carolyn Delarber, Tecumseh Add., lot 30.

Defiance Ward 4 —

Erica and Joshua Lorenz to Joshua Lorenz, Ansberry Place, lots 29-30.

Elizabeth Wilde, fka Elizabeth and Elliott Wilde, to Elliott Wilde, Biede Place Add., part lot 92.

Nancye Nolan to Allison Guyton, Powell View Heights Add., lot 102.

Johnny Cochran (dec.) to Pamela McDowell, Sherwood Forest Sub., lot 44.

Pamela and Richard McDowell to Nicole Berger, Sherwood Forest Sub., lot 44.

Clara Hussey, successor trustee, to ELS Venture LLC, Knapp and Hay's Add., lots 62-63.

Clara Hussey, successor trustee, to LAS Properties Ohio Ltd., Knapp and Hay's Add., lot 61.

Defiance Township —

Mary English (dec.) to Dennis English Jr. et al, Sec. 2, 5.2 acres.

Mary Decker to George Decker, Sec. 2, 5.2 acres.

Daniel Grimes, aka Dan and Gail Grimes, to Joshua Grimes et al, Park View Add., lots 85-87, 92-96.

Ruth Schofield (dec.) to Robert Schofield, Sec. 16, 5.05 acres.

Stephen and Sarah Walbolt to Theodore and Diana Walbolt, trustees, Sec. 16, 5.001 acres (split).

Hicksville Village —

Michael Barth, aka, Michael and Julie Barth, to Bryce Reinig, et al, Auditor's Plat, lot 154.

Betty Pearson to Alan Pearson et al, Bunnell's First Add., part lots 7-10.

Betty Pearson to Alan Pearson et al, Original Plat, part lots 223 1/2 and 224 1/2, and lots 223-224.

Delphia Elder, trustee, to Emily Hutchinson, Original Plat, part lots 391-392.

Hicksville Township —

Della Osmun to Drake Osmun, Sec. 1, 2.2 acres.

Ned Hubbell et al to Nick and April Johnson, Sec. 8, 1 acre.

Roxann Wonderly to Bruce Guilford et al, Sec. 17, 1.19 acres.

Betty Pearson to Alan Pearson et al, Sec. 32, 78.208 acres, 56.92 acres.

Highland Township —

Judith Lenhart (dec.) to Gerald Lenhart, Sec. 9, 0.818 acre.

Milford Twp.-Hicksville EVSD —

Samuel and Elsie Stoll to Samuel and Elsie Stoll, Sec. 32, 20 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD —

Barry and Luann Froelich to S. Mohre Investments LLC, Wemor Park Add., lot 3.

Richard Bolman et al to Dewilla Bolman, Groll's Country Acres, lots 15-17.

Richard and Tricia Vandehey to Richard and Tricia Vandehey, trustees, Sec. 15, 5.001 acres.

Defiance City-Richland Twp./DCSD —

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patricia Hinojosa, Bistel Add., part lots 107-108.

Defiance City-Ayersville LSD —

Rebecca and B. Dennis Johnson to Kimberly and Michael Menzel, Miller-Snyder Add., part lot 38.

Defiance City NELSD —

Hayco and Associates Inc. to JWW Development LLC, Kettenring Hills Sub. Replat 3, lot 25.

North Richland Township —

James Justinger to Douglas Justinger, Sec. 16, 3.548 acres.

South Richland Township —

Anna Towne to Anthony Zimmerman, Partee's First Add. Extension, lot 9.

Tiffin Township —

Joan and John Robison to Ricky and Jesse Jesse et al, Sec. 7, 38.5 acres (split), 1.5 acres (remainder).

Washington Township —

Norman and Lorraine Beattie (dec.) to Jeffery Lovetinsky et al, Sec. 36, 5.102 acres.

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