Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Joel Storrs, 24, Sherwood, and Marissa Miller, 23, Sherwood, registered nurse.

Timothy Runk, 28, Ney, driver, and Kayleigh Zolman, 22, Ney, office manager.

Brandon Pepple, 19, Hicksville, general laborer, and Grasiela Salas, 19, Hicksville, unemployed.

Timothy Walters, 26, Cleveland, quality, and Morghin Ankney, 23, Defiance, machine operator.

Brian Sampson, 53, Defiance, welder, and Mary Perry, 54, Defiance, housekeeper.

Zachariah Conkle, 32, Muncie, Ind., unemployed, and Ashley Helterbrand, 31, Muncie, Ind., dog groomer.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Christina Grant, Hicksville, and Clyde Blair, Sherwood. Domestic violence civil protection order.

Baumle Construction LLC, 2005 Power Dam Road, vs. Steven Loop, doing business as Loop Asphalt Services LLC, Cecil. Money judgment.

Baumle Construction LLC, 2005 Power Dam Road, vs. Jeff Miller, Archbold. Money judgment.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Cornelia Joosen, Mark Center. Money judgment.

Portfolio Recovery Association, Norfolk, Va., vs. Tracy Targgart, Hicksville. Money judgment.

SK Developments Inc., Napoleon, vs. Joshua and Amanda West, 1691 Durango Drive. Money judgment.

The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Sharon Wagner, 1712 Maumee Drive; unknown spouse, if any, of Sharon Wagner, 1712 Maumee Drive; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Tammy and Brent Conley, 13077 Dohoney Road, vs. Elizabeth Temple, Oakwood; Heather King, Oakwood; American Select Insurance Company, Westfield Center; and United Healthcare, Farmingville, N.Y.

Fort Defiance Service Master Inc., 1255 Carpenter Road, vs. Rob Weisenburger, Oakwood. Money judgment.

Journal entries

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Chandra Dobbins, 1519 Terrawenda Drive. Case dismissed without prejudice.

Victor and Kathleen Hadding, Elida, vs. Paul Hall Jr., 195 W. Rosewood Ave. Case dismissed with prejudice.

Defiance County treasurer vs. James and Ruth Ankney, Holgate; unknown tenants, 13059 Fullmer Road; unknown tenants, 26574 Defiance-Ayersville-Pleasant Bend Road; Ayersville Water and Sewer District, 13961 Fruit Ridge Road; and Defiance County treasurer. Default and judgment.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, West Valley, Utah, vs. Mark Shull, 381 Wilson St.; unknown spouse, if any, of Mark Shull, 381 Wilson St.; DB HIL 2015 Trust, Dallas, Texas; and Defiance County treasurer. Decree in foreclosure.

Fifth Third Bank, Consumer Foreclosure, Cincinnati, vs. Michael Marshall, individually and as administrator of the estate of Derl Marshall, Maumee, vs. unknown spouse, if any, of Michael Marshall, Maumee; Jason Marshall, 23603 Allen Road; unknown spouse, if any, of Jason Marshall, 23603 Allen Road; Angie Barnes, Findlay; unknown spouse, if any, of Angie Barnes, Findlay; Tina Marshall, 1005 Jackson Ave.; unknown spouse, if any, of Tina Marshall, 1005 Jackson Ave.; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; H&S Financial Inc., Cincinnati; Defiance County treasurer; and Derl Marshall (dec.). Decree in foreclosure.

TD Bank USA, Minneapolis, Minn., vs. Max Newton, 905 Wilhelm St. Default judgment for plaintiff.

Real estate transfers

Defiance Ward 1 —

Jay and Charlene Hanenkratt to Randy Schad, Sec. 8, 1 acre.

Janet Hench to Jeremy and Keetyn Ayers, Holgate's Third Add., lot 9.

Grace Mangas et al to Ashley Pere, Lloyd's Second Add., part lots 54-55.

Defiance Ward 4 —

Ronald and Marilyn Burke to Steve Burke, Lakota Ridge Condos, Unit T.

Lawrence Wagner (dec.), trustee, to Linda Wagner, trustee, et al, Lakota Hills Phase IV Sub., lot 77.

Linda Wagner (trustee), et al to Austin and Marissa Dickinson, Lakota Hills Phase IV Sub., lot 77.

AONE Holding Incorporated to BAPASWAMI 1938 LLC, Sec. 36, 3.592 acres.

Michael Sweinhagen to Amy Kelley, Oak Park Add., part lot 23.

Defiance Township —

Dawn Baldridge to Jarred and Kristen Hageman, Schackow Sub., lot 1.

Delaware Township —

Jesus and Lucila Moreno to Anjelica Moreno, Sec. 31, 10.076 acres.

Sherwood Village —

David Parker to 2 KS Slip N Properties LLC, Emanuel Miller's Add., lot4.

Farmer Township —

Clinton Heisler to Lucinda McDaniel, Sec. 15, 0.34 acre.

Kent and Jennifer English to Susan Oskey, Sec. 16, 8.781 acres split.

Hicksville Village —

Fannie Mae to Shannon Terrill, Hattery's Add., lots 13-14.

Richard and Erica Rostorfer to Nathaniel and Morgan Rostorfer, auditor's plat, part lot 63.

Penelope McDoniels, trustee, to Keith and Gail Countryman, Guilford Sub., lot 11.

Hicksville Township —

George Rohrs (dec.) to Brian Rohrs, co-trustee, et al, Sec. 14, 79 acres.

Billy Jr. and Amy Young to Richard and Erica Rostorfer, Gordon Creek, lot 9.

Thomas and Zonya Battershell to Thomas and Zonya Battershell, co-trustees, Sec. 30, 1.725 acres.

Highland Township —

Barry and LuAnn Froelich to LuAnn Froelich, trustee, Sec. 4, 2 acres.

David Wolff (dec.) to Debra Wolff, Sec. 13, 0.815 acre.

Barbara Welty to Curtis and Amy Opdycke, Oak Hills Sub., lots 1-2.

Mark Township —

Alan Culler (dec.) to Kristen Bischoff et al, Sec. 15, 40 acres; Sec. 23, 68.89 acres; Sec. 23, 12 acres; Sec. 23, 56.38 acres; Sec. 23, 63.88 acres; Sec. 24, 2.39 acres; Sec. 26, 40 acres.

Milford Twp.-Central LSD —

Earl and Annawanda Crall to Charlene Lindsay et al, Sec. 27, 2 acres.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City —

Joanne Parker (dec.) to Douglas Parker, Sec. 22-23, 5.932 acres.

Noble Twp.-NELSD —

Morgan Peffley to Jeremiah and Brandi Nagel, Christi Meadows Sub. Phase 1, lot 112.

South Richland Township —

Brittanie Horseman to Jeremiah Power, Sec. 33, 1.5 acres.

Ney Village —

Harold Mills (dec.) to Debra Gordon et al, Mackinaw Add., lot 21.

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