Defiance County

Marriage licenses

Zachary Confer, 25, Defiance, retail services, and Elizabeth Schroeder, 47, Defiance, sole proprietor.

Common Pleas

On the dockets

Kelli Seiler, Defiance, vs. Sue Christman, surviving spouse of Jeffrey Christman (dec.), Leipsic. Complaint for partition.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Steven Cole, Hicksville. Money judgment.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Crystal Brown, Sherwood. Money judgment.

Gregory Snyder, 1003 Wayne Ave., vs. Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Columbus; and GT Technologies Inc., 1125 Precision Way. Workers compensation.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Carol Blanchard, 28061 Rohn Road. Money judgment.

Bank of New York Mellon, Mount Laurel, N.J., vs. Mario Rodriguez, 1500 S. Clinton St.; unknown spouse of Mario Rodriguez, 1500 S. Clinton St.; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; and Defiance County treasurer. Foreclosure.

Journal entries

Mycumortgage LLC, Beavercreek, vs. Adam and Melissa Ketcham, 858 Regonda Drive; Ohio Department of Medicaid, Columbus; and Defiance County treasurer. Decree in foreclosure.

Carlos and Laura Lowe, Wauseon, vs. General Motors, c/o Corporation Service Co., Columbus. Case dismissed with prejudice.

Discover Bank, New Albany, vs. Michael Schnipke, Ney. Judgment for plaintiff.

Cassandra Whatman, 28970 Ohio 281, vs. Rick Whatman, Coldwater, Mich. Divorce granted.

James Potter, 1420 Bonnie Lane, vs. Mary Potter, 1420 Bonnie Lane. Case dismissed.

Real estate transfers

Adams Township —

Eldon and Marcia Hesterman to Eldon and Marcia Hesterman, trustees, Sec. 3, 9.5 acres.

Defiance Ward 1 —

Laura and Jarod Wittenmyer to Laura and Jarod Wittenmyer, Holgate's Third Add., lot 26.

Angela and William Alexander to Generro Martinez, Baringer's Second Add., lot 29.

3-K Enterprises, LLC, to Slabtown, LLC, Forest Heights Add., part lots 16-17.

Defiance Ward 2 —

Cecil Rohrs, trustees, to Andrew Wannemacher, Holgate's First Add., Block 2, part lots 5-6.

KDTM Properties, LLC, to Davenport Properties, LLC, Holgate's First Add., Block 2.

Defiance Ward 3 —

Jamie and Kristina Varner to Benjamen Varner, Carter and Others Add., lot 37.

Sherwood Village —

Defiance County treasurer to Jeff Panico et al, Miller and Others Add., lot 48.

Hicksville Village —

Defiance County treasurer to Jeff Panico et al, Hattery's Add., lot 35.

Estate of Bernice A. Speiser to Harvey Geiger, Shoe Factory Add., lots 72-74.

Rick Kigar, a private selling officer, to Alicia Costillo, Auditor's Plat, part lot 40; R. Forder's Add., part lot B.

Hicksville Township —

Dorothy Dietz (dec.) to Kim Dietz et al, Sec. 1, 20 acres.

Blaine and Mary Keller to Kyle and Rachel Stoker, Hickory Hills Estates, lots 7-9.

Elmer Graber, successor trustee, to Cody and Melissa Sanders, Sec. 9, 3.744 acres (remainder).

Dorothy Dietz (dec.) to Jack Sietz et al, Sec. 10, 1.477 acres, 34.829 acres, 3.43 acres.

Dorothy Dietz (dec.) to Dave Dietz et al, Sec. 10, 13.518 acres.

Dorothy Dietz (dec.) to Dawn Dietz, Sec. 10, 40.46 acres.

Anthony Shininger, trustee, to Chad and Kayla Vetter, trustees, Sec. 334, 14.019 acres.

Mark Township —

Margaret and Christopher Polley to Joseph Gregg, Sec. 12, 2.767 acres.

Rick Kigar, a private selling officer, to Mark Greenwood. Sec. 35, 2.411 acres.

Saylor Farms, LLC, to John Lengacher et al, Sec. 36, 20.988 acres (split), 0.114 acre, 27.146 acres (split).

Noble Township —

Thomas Sanders to Thomas Sanders et al, Sec. 3, 59 acres.

Ruth Christman (dec.) to Kelli Seiler et al, Christi Meadows Phase 1, lot 121.

Arnoldus and Petronella Dekleijne to Michael and Shaun Imber, Sec. 21, 22.335 acres (split).

Washington Township —

Victoria Martin to Daniel Baus et al, Sec. 3, 0.803 acre.

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